Jiminy Brand

Colon icon on a yellow and purple background
Jiminy Brand

Jiminy is a web design agency that specialises in individually crafted websites. Their old identity was dull and low key and they wanted to re-emerge as a playful, confident and intelligent brand – visually, technically and through wit. 

The brief was distilled into a core idea; a touch of magic, which enabled playfulness, surprise, wit and FingerspitzengefĂĽhl (German for finger-tip feeling), or the touch of magic you can never precisely express, but recognise when you experience it.

As Jiminy works with both creative agencies and business owners, they wanted to create a flexible identity that would resonate with both distinct audiences. A typographic colon was the solution providing a platform for creativity. To business owners, the colon is a punctuation mark that expresses a relationship between two elements. To creative agencies, the colon is a fun nod to a fundamental coding symbol. To both audiences, the colon is a bold, recognisable device that adds layers of meaning to communication and engages and delights. It is a connector of two things that makes magic happen.


Visual Identity
Jiminy wordmark on a green background
Jiminy business cards and letter head
Jiminy business card
Jiminy divider pages for presentations
Words "magic" and "delight" on a white background
Jiminy iconography on a red background
Jiminy website home page on an ipad
Jiminy website work page on an ipad
Birds eyeview of two beer bottles with green caps