Getting a good thing going

Motto branding and digital screen signage on a brown wooden wall.
Getting a good thing going

The Motto brand is a gorgeous oasis within a busy convenience store environment that attracts customers to try barista style coffee and fresh ‘made on the premises’ pastries. The new brand name Motto implies a promise and delivers… a great environment, exceptional customer service and consistently ‘good’ coffee and food.

Visual Identity
Motto work mark on a black background.
Motto products and coffee cups.
Motto paper lunch bags with green Motto stickers.
Collage of three pictures of the Motto brand and products.
Wide view of the Motto convenience store coffee counter.
Intricate pattern of Motto word mark on a pink background.

One of the challenges with most brands is keeping it simple. Never stray from the core brand idea, get to the point and avoid visual congestion.

A grid of yellow and black Motto loyalty cards.
Close up photo of the front of Motto coffee bean bags.