Flight 605

Flight 605 Icons on a black background
Flight 605

FLIGHT 605 is a small neighbourhood craft beer bar in Morningside, appropriately themed around ’flight’. Renowned for their exceptional hosting, they wanted to create a loyalty programme that was as special as their renowned hosting. Craft beer drinkers love trying something different, but new craft beer drinkers are often overwhelmed by the abundance of varieties to choose from. 

With this in mind, we wanted to create a loyalty programme with a dual purpose: to entice and reward patrons for trying a large range of beers at FLIGHT 605, and to educate people about the different brands and styles. So we created the Craft Beer Passport. The passport was a perfect fit with the bar’s flight theme and small enough to carry around or leave at the bar.

Flight 605 passport and stamp
Inside the Flight 605 passport
Putting a stamp inside the Flight 605 passport
Close up shot of stamps inside the Flight 605 passport
Man wearing a black Flight 605 t-shirt
Beer in a glass sitting on cloud shaped coasters.