Top 5 No. 3

The Top Five for Friday #3

Check out our Top 5; the best links, articles, images, videos that we found online this week. 18 July 2011.


1. Fabio has the Old Spice scentWieden+Kennedy has created a new set of Old Spice videos featuring romance-novel cover boy Fabio. While Procter & Gamble has denied Fabio is replacing Mustafa…. read more (

2. Starbucks Learns the Hard Way About The Importance of Trademarking Acronyms in Naming and BrandingHere is a lesson for all of us: when you trademark a brand name, trademark its acronym too… read more (

3. Marlboro Washes Up in Jersey Shore: Best Anti-Smoking Ad Ever?When asked about the product placement of the pack of Marlboros in the new trailer for the upcoming fourth season of Jersey Shore, we were told by the cigarette maker “It’s not our product.” read more (

4. Herb Lubalin Called, he wants his Typography Back If the logo looks familiar it’s because it’s a mash-up of a couple of very familiar design tropes. The wordmark is ripped right off Herb Lubalin’s playbook, typeset in a modified version… read more (

5. What are the leading indicators of B2B brand success? Do you know what predicts your brand’s success? Most marketing metrics only measure what has happened, using what could be called “lagging indicators.” But imagine the effectiveness… read more (

Marketing and Advertising

1. Tourism Fiji: Fiji Temperature AdshelIt’s the middle of the winter in New Zealand, so to keep Fiji top of mind Barnes, Catmur & Friends Auckland cruelly installed a number of Adshels where the temp changed daily read more (

2. When Rico met ‘The Hoff’ in Air NZ’s latest viral campaignThe video features “The Hoff” taking to the Skycouch seat with Rico in a therapy-like session in which he reveals that he found it hard doing mouth to mouth scenes with his female Baywatch colleagues… read more (

3. What Happens When You Put a Coffee Table at a Bus Stop?Forget Disneyland, the Hollywood Sign, the Getty. Designer Julie Kim is interested in L.A.’s neglected, forgotten attractions, places like its sidewalks and public transit systems… read more (

4. How to Break Into the Flash Deals SpaceSites such as Ideeli, Lot18, Gilt Groupe, and Rue La La are offering carefully curated deals at reduced prices. The business is no more than a few years old, but some of the sites are already drawing impressively… read more (

5. ‘Got Milk?’ Pulls PMS Campaign Early, Yet Calls it a Success The California Milk Processor Board is scrapping its controversial “Got milk?” ads positioning the product as a cure-all for PMS symptoms (and the raging, irrational creatures who exhibit them) read more (


1. Ditching the Grid: Alternative Layout Strategies and TipsAre you tired of creating building websites using the same old grid-based layouts for every project? Have you been itching to break away from the norm and attempt something a little more organic? read more (

2. Hey look! It’s another one of those pick n mixes!To promote a new band called Dry The River, young French artist Xavier Barrade (working at Foam Agency) created these 3D paper horse posters and put them up around London… read more (

3. 1883 MagazineWhen coming up with our brand identity it was essential that it would jump out amongst the competitive fashion/culture magazine market. We came up with the name 1883 based on three reasons… read more (

4. Toothpaste Tube That Squeezes Out Every Last DropSavePaste is collapsible, like a milk carton. So when the tube is nearly empty, you just flatten it and blammo: the last dollops of toothpaste emerge read more (

5. Smart | Little BillboardsBig isn’t always better. Or is it? I love the idea of these tiny billboards that lives up to the idea of a small Smart car. But will they be noticed? Maybe not… read more (

Social Media

1. 5 Ways to Use Social Media to Raise Money for Your Cause Using social media is a great way to get the word out about your cause. It uses what charities usually have more of (volunteers’ time) while spending little what they usually have the least of (money)… read more (

2. Is it Better to Share on Google+, Facebook or Twitter? All marketers know that if you can make something so shareable that it goes viral then you will produce results for brands that will sell products, so what platform is best? read more (

3. 8 Reasons Why B2B Social Media is Easier than B2C Although social media is seldom “easy,” there are some distinct advantages that B2B companies have over B2C brands in the social media space. Here’s a list of 8 reasons why B2B social media is easier than B2C read more (

4. Customer service through social media: the game has changed In today’s competitive landscape, customer service is more important than ever. A company’s reputation for satisfying their customers has never been so valuable… read more (

5. Etiquette Across Social Networks Regardless of whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or a Blog, always use your common sense. If it isn’t something you would say to someone face to face… read more (


1. Ex-LivingSocial Employee Foretells Doom For Daily DealsBusiness Insider sat down with a former LivingSocial employee, who chose to remain anonymous, in order to hear his take on the current state of the daily deals business. Frankly, the prognosis isn’t so hot… read more (

2. Time to offer ‘all-access’ subscription to print, online, and tablets Time magazine is finally taking steps to make reading all of their content as easy as possible for it’s subscribers. In a press release, Time announced that they will be offering an “all-access” subscription… read more (

3. Half of All Marketers Say Mobile is an Integral Part of the Plan Mobile advertising isn’t a slam dunk yet, but according to a new survey commissioned by IAB, it’s already become an integral part of the plan for 51% of brand marketers read more (

4. Sony: World’s First Instagram Music Video Sony Music is giving you the chance to be part of a new crowdsourced Instagram video to be used for “The Vaccines” upcoming new single called “wetsuit” read more (

5. Lenovo launches three tablets to take on iPad It was rumored back in April that Lenovo would be releasing a tablet or two around now, and today the Chinese manufacturer surprised us slightly by unveiling not one, not even two, but three new tablets read more (