Top 5 No. 2

The Top Five For Friday # 2

Check out our Top 5; the best links, articles, images, videos that we found
online this week. 3 July 2011.

Marketing and Advertising

1. LinkedIn eyes UK brand investmentLinkedIn, the professional networking site, is embarking on a push to attract greater marketing spend from UK advertisers. It has launched a pan-European campaign… read more (

2. Here’s Why Every Social Network Must Change Or Die.The epic rise and fall of MySpace, a wave of inflated web IPOs, over-zealous banks. These are wild times to be in the Internet business. Having made and lost $100 million launching… read more (

3. WikiLeaks Parodies ‘Priceless’ in Dig at MasterCard.While parodies of the MasterCard “Priceless” campaign are ridiculously past their prime, it’s still worth checking out WikiLeaks’ attempt below. Created as a jab at MasterCard and other financial services… read more (

4. BP 2012 ad drive: ‘We are trying to be humble’.BP has unveiled a low-key marketing strategy as it looks to rebuild consumer trust after last year’s Gulf of Mexico oil disaster. The energy company has launched its first TV campaign since the crisis… read more (

5. GrabOne puffs chest, eats birthday cake, launches new TVC.How consumers buy stuff has changed a helluva lot in the past year and, after getting its mitts on 65 percent of the daily deal market in New Zealand, GrabOne has played a big part in that evolution read more (

Social Media

1. Southwest Airlines and Social Media Strategy: 5 Lessons for Marketers.One challenge I’ve had with many corporate clients is getting employees to blog. Most corporate folks feel like they don’t have the time or skills read more (

2. Facebook takes over the worldFollowing on from last week’s look at a world map of global social media usage, and yesterday’s launch of Facebook competitor Google+, it’s time to focus in on Facebook read more (

3. Ford Europe runs first brand competition on Google+ Google+ has been with us for less than a week, but brands are experimenting with advertising. Ford Europe is running a competition to win a copy of the rallying console game Dirt read more (

4. Proof of the Gap: An InfographicAs you know, I’ve been talking a lot lately about the gap between most people — struggling with computers, technology and social media — and the enthusiasts and evangelists in the echo chamber… read more (

5. The 10 Most Important Questions I get Asked About Twitter. Twitter is a complete mystery to a lot of people. Twitter in fact was never meant to be a social networking site according to its founders. It was initially created as an internal messaging system… read more (


1. Is Google+ a Sausage Party? Google Says No WayI praised Google+ last week for being less about personal branding and self-promotion and more about actually engaging with real friends. Now that the new social network has had… read more (

2. The World’s First Animated Tattoo Ballantine’s Scotch Whiskey is running an interesting social campaign celebrating people who leave an impression, unique people who challenge the status quo, and to do this, they’ve setup a series… read more (

3. Verizon is now entering user phones and removing apps it doesn’t like. Verizon is now issuing a series of updates to Android devices that disable the ability for the phones to tether or create mobile hotspots unless… read more (

4. See a Video of Photovine, Google’s Mysterious Photo Sharing Service. After appearing merely in the form of a short description and a support page, Google’s upcoming photo sharing service Photovine now has a little bit more to offer: a registration form and an official teaser video read more (

5. China: 1.3 million websites shut in 2010 More than one million websites closed down in China last year, a state-run think tank has said. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said there were were 41% fewer websites… read more (


1. School Furniture Designed To Help Fidgety Kids Concentrate. The design “expresses movement,” the architects say. At the same time, it’s supposed act like a gentle dose of Ritalin. Kids are terrible at concentrating… read more (

2. milkmakersM, Inc. designed the brand identity system which included the resealable craft bags and produced an economical solution containing a front and back sticker that is easily applied to the bags during shipping read more (

3. What should someone appreciate when seeing a logo? Building a brand isn’t the easiest task in the world or the most important; a well-established brand requires a great deal of time and money. The tremendous effort of obtaining a serious brand… read more (

4. The Chipotle Lorem Ipsum Bag Chipotle does a lot of things right. They make great burritos. They let you order from your smartphone. They’re fast. And they also have very memorable merchandising material, especially this bag read more (

5. Work from Matthijs van LeeuwenIt has been an absolute pleasure sifting through portfolio after portfolio when giving out invitations to Designspiration because I know eventually I’ll stumble across gems like here read more (


1. Brands And ReligionI think of everything in terms of brands. Cities are brands and cultural institutions are brands. So are schools, people and yes, even religions. Think about how different Unitarian Universalists… read more (

2. Angus Hyland on logos Pirelli [tyres] breaks a lot of typographic rules with its overly stretched P; the longer the word, the more horizontal it becomes and the less functional it is. It breaks all conventions read more (

3. ISEM luxury cosmetics and perfumery packaging repositions itself ISEM is the Italian market leader for luxury packaging in cosmetics and perfumery. Established in 1949, in 2011 the company started a new chapter in its history… read more (

4. Oprah Takes OWNership of Her BrandOprah is finally taking OWNership of her fledgling TV channel. The Oprah Winfrey Network (aka OWN) announced today that its namesake founder is stepping up to CEO and chief creative officer… read more (

5. Clarke Newton rewrites laws of art for law firm Hesketh Henry. Independent agency Clarke Newton has created a new campaign for law firm, Hesketh Henry and its sponsorship of the Auckland Art Fair read more (