Top 5 No. 9

DDB + Interbrand Confusion
Free Auckland Wifi
Toyota So.Me. Case Study
3D Shopping and loads more!

Check out our Top 5; the best links, articles, images, videos that we found online this week. 5 September 2011.

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1. Four Essential Business Lessons from Chef Gordon RamsayHere are four of the most common parallels I have found exist between what I have watched him deal with on his various shows, and what I run into in the business world. read more (thebrandbuilder)

2. Exploring The Role Of Brand Equity In Brand ExtensionWhat is the role of brand equity in brand extensions? What should the marketer keep in mind related to brand equity before extending the brand? read more (

3. Follow-Up: CheerIn early August we reported on the third design of Cheer detergent in the last four years. The Cincinnati office of Landor was responsible for the latest design and they have supplied a few more images. read more (

4. Yahoo! Execs Commit the Stupidest Mistake in Employee Communicationsgiven Ms. Bartz track record of not pulling any punches, it shouldn’t have come as a big surprise to Yahoo!’s esteemed BoD that she was going to get the last jab in after she was fired as CEO over the phone. read more (

5. Air New Zealand Brand Led from the topRob Fyfe, Air NZ’s CEO is a charismatic and accessible leader. Brand buy-in comes from brand leadership which comes from the very top and Fyfe gets this. read more (

Social Media

1. Should Employees Have Access to Social Media?Taking into consideration what’s best for your brand, it may be best to not only allow, but also encourage the use of social media at work. Here’s why.
read more (

2. Job Searching with Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]The job search market is being reinvented as social media platforms provide the tools and information that HR managers had only dreamed about 5 years ago. read more (

3. 3. Is Your Website and Blog as Social Savvy as You Are?While browsing your site, chances are I will probably move on to more inspiring social pastures unless something grabs my attention to give you one more chance. So how do you do this? read more (

4. Case studies from Toyota, Ariel and HSBCThis week we’re covering stories about Toyota, HSBC and Ariel, along with an assessment of the power of negative reviews. Read on! read more (

5. 5 Ways to Improve Your B2B Social Media ContentAs B2B marketers work to connect with customers and prospects through social media, one of the keys to those connections is to create remarkable, compelling content. Here are five tips. read more (

Advertising and Marketing

1. 1×2 App Enables Matching Donation To A Child In NeedWhile 2×1 are offers designed to get more by giving away less money, 1×2 allows consumers to give more than they get, helping children in need in other countries. read more (

2. Corks-a-poppin’ as Lion’s Lindauer welcomed to Death Star*Congrats to DDB for winning the account however it is worrying to read that Interbrand will be leading the design and DDB developing the core brand strategy. Surely a typo? read more (

3. See HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Vintage Subway Train in Action Laughing Squid has posted video and some photos of the vintage subway train that HBO is running on weekends on the 2/3 line in New York City this month to promote season two of Boardwalk Empire. read more (

4. Benetton unveils art-centric brand visionBenetton is focusing its marketing activity online as it outlines its new brand vision centred on “colour, knitwear, modernity and love”, in its latest bid to ramp up profits. read more (

5. Coupons For College: Groupon Discounts Graduate School ClassModern students weren’t known as coupon clippers until Groupon came around. Now, the website might help them pay for their education as well as tonight’s dinner. read more (


1. Grocery store coupons delivered in real-time via shopping cart tabletsSK Telecom is testing a Smart Cart service in China that synchronizes tablet-equipped shopping carts with consumers’ smartphones to offer a wide array of position-relevant information in real-time. read more (

2. Wi-fi launched in Auckland buses and trainsTomizone says it has enabled the first fully integrated city wi-fi system in world, with the launch of its free roaming wi-fi access on Auckland’s transport system in time for the Rugby World Cup. read more (

3. YouTube Game Offers Galaxy Tabs, With Help from Dogs & Queen LatifahAn unlikely social media advertiser — Zyrtec — has unleashed a YouTube game featuring dogs, Queen Latifah and hidden Samsung Galaxy Tabs as prizes.
read more (

4. 2011 summer movie attendence is the worst since 1997Despite a few blockbuster movies like Harry Potter and Transformers this summer’s movie box office numbers are the lowest since 1997. read more (

5. Zegna inSTORE: 3D iPad Shopping ExperienceThe app is based around a floating store, rendered in 3D with a somewhat seamless mix of video interludes from various models promoting each garment. You can navigate your way through the store… read more (


1. 8 Ways to Get the Selection You Want in PhotoshopWe don’t normally do this but we’re givers – here’s a post for those wannabe designers – 8 great tips to select an object in photoshop. Enjoy! read more (

2. TVNZ’s 100% local channel receives hearty and nostalgic visual makeoverThe new look features a range of Kiwiana phrases embedded in some retro Kiwiana images designed by Jon Chapman-Smith from creative agency Fuman. read more (

3. Win Bron Alexander 2012 CalendarTo join her growing collection of graphic prints (check them out here) for sale, New Zealand graphic designer Bron Alexander has a 2012 calendar foyoass.
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4. Anchor: Laura BerglundAnchor is an iPhone app, designed by Laura Berglund, that addresses the problem of crime on college campuses. It helps educate people, provides tools to report a crime and supports community awareness. read more (

5. Gimme Bar, An App That Lets You Clip And Save Anything On The Web A beta app by Brooklyn-based Fictive Kin lets you grab anything you find inspiring–text, images, and videos–from the web and stash them in a single place. read more (