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Check out our Top 5; the best links, articles, images, videos that we found online this week. 22 August 2011.


1. Logo & Branding: Riverside Museum
Built on the banks of the River Clyde, Glasgow, the Riverside Museum is Scotland’s must visit transport attraction and houses a vast collection of relics from a rich industrial past. read more (

2. A Blog Can Be Base Camp for Your Digital Brand Strategy Yesterday I had the pleasure of helping facilitate a social media team meeting for a university brand client. We talked about ways of connecting brand champions through social media… read more (

3. Connecting at the moment of truth The key to effective marketing is creating “mental availability”: being “recalled and relevant” at the moment of truth when when people choose what to buy. The following poster I saw… read more (

4. Madonna Gets Into the Social Media Groove with Smirnoff Madonna may have just turned 53, but she’s still hanging out with the club kids. The Mother of Reinvention has signed on with Smirnoff vodka in a global deal that will kick off with a dance contest… read more (

5. Gillette launches new mobile campaign Gillette is set to launch a new mobile campaign for its Fusion ProGlide Razor using interactive advertising for smart phones. the campaign utilises HTML5 technology that allows consumers to click on banners. read more (

Advertising and Marketing

1. Why Is Steve Jobs Stepping Down As Apple CEO? Steve Jobs has resigned as chief executive of Apple, to be replaced by its COO, Tim Cook, in a surprise move that may signal that the 56-year-old co-founder of the company is losing his battle with cancer. read more (

2. Email and online video ad spend up, up and away in latest IAB survey Online spending always seems to be on the up every time the IAB releases its quarterly year-on-year ad revenue reports. Figures released for Q2 are no exception. read more (

3. Ocado readies pop-up shops across the UK Ocado is poised to launch a number of pop-up shops across the country, if its first foray onto the nation’s high streets is a hit. It will showcase a printed window display… read more (

4. Big-name investors back Booktrack A world-first, Kiwi-designed gadget that synchronises sound and music with an e-book has been launched in New York today and is backed by such big-name technology investors as PayPal founder Peter Thiel. read more (

5. Ticketmaster Teams With Facebook So You Can Sit With Your Friends By connecting to Facebook while you browse for seats, you can see where your friends have purchased tickets. The friends who have tagged their seats, that is. read more (

Social Media

1. Finding your Brand Ambassadors By finding and reaching out to your brand’s biggest fans, a.k.a. brand influencers, you’ll get access to more customers by engaging with a few… read more (

2. The Top 10 social networking sites compared [infographic] It estimates that seven out of 10 web users are active on at least one social network and that nine out of 10 marketers use social networking to promote their business in some way. read more (

3. Who handles social media at your company? Last week’s poll question: Are your company’s social media marketing efforts centrally run and while having one division handle all social media outreach has some obvious benefits… read more (

4. Topshop, Turkcell, Dunkin Donuts Social Media Experiment We’ve got three great case studies for you this week, along with a news piece and an introduction to the second of our “Great Social Media Experiments”
read more (

5. 6 Ways To Beat Your B2B Competition Using Social Media Through strategic use of the various social media platforms and tools there are several tactics you can implement to help your business position itself ahead of your competitors. read more (


1. Heineken serves up free wifi in 100 London pubs and bars Continuing the brand butler theme into 2011, the brewer recently teamed up with BT to provide free wifi for patrons at 100 London pubs and bars. read more (

2. Cadbury Spots v Stripes Blippar AR Gaming App Cadbury have launched a world first Augmented Reality gaming app that is activated via their chocolate bar packaging, utilising Blippar’s image recognition technology and AR app platform. read more (

3. Apple plans to start pre-orders of next iPhone Sept. 30, launch Oct. 7. The company has still not finalized the pre-order start date, but is debating between Thursday, September 29th and Friday, September 30th. read more (

4. How to Build a First-Class Email List in 30 Days — from Scratch If you want to quickly build a responsive email list in the next 30 days — especially if you’re just starting online and don’t have a lot of money — the following strategy can get the job done. read more (

5. New York Mets & Social Media, Connecting Fans and Selling Tickets There has never been more access to players than there is now through social media channels but where the real magic happens is when real people meet other real people in person for real. read more (


1. Better First Impressions Through Design
We all know that the vast majority of display ads go unclicked and unnoticed. ComScore reports that only 16% of display ads ever get clicked on, and the term “banner blindness” was coined… read more (

2. F.O. Clock This beautiful digital clock was inspired by Furoshiki, Japanese wrapping cloth. Creatd by designer Shiping Toohey in New Zealand, the F.O.clock was designed to be “folded” and “unfolded” read more (

3. Is Adobe Muse the new Frontpage? Earlier this week Adobe announced Adobe Muse, a new product that promises its future users they will be able to create drag-and-drop web design. read more (

4. Christel Bangsgaard | Close-up Beauty Photos Gorgeous intense close-up beauty eye and lip photos by Danish photographer Christel Bangsgaard. Christel Bangsgaard currently lives and works in New York. read more (

5. TEDxPortland Identity TEDxPortland approached Wieden+Kennedy to create a unique and memorable identity for their event, the first of its kind in Portland. The brief was simple: Crossroads. read more (