Top 5 No. 34

The Tesco brand extension failure
Belvedere Vodka and ‘that’ rapey ad
social commerce – a winning formula
smart cartons tell you when your food is off

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1. Brand Building: The Danger Of Losing Focus In marketing losing focus, can lead to ‘the end’ for brands. In what ways should a brand marketer focus? First, one should be very specific about the target customers and audiences. (

2. Less calories, more crop Any time you touch something so close to the American psyche it’s bound to hit a nerve. And as one person said of the repackaging “I’d rather drink my own piss, but great logo and great packaging.” (

3. Hungry Jack’s uses $5 website for campaign Who said brand campaigns had to be expensive? Advertising wankers that’s who. Well Hungry Jacks have dispelled that myth, so stop lining the ad exs pockets and get creative. First step: read this piece. (

4. Pssst. Do you know why your customers aren’t brand loyal? Today comes the results of another survey, this one done jointly by Acxiom and Loyalty360, which sheds some light on why so few consumers are brand loyal. And it all comes to down one word. com·pla·cen·cy (

5. Tesco: add this to your list of brand extension failures “Couture” means dressmaking, sewing, or needlework and is used as a common abbreviation of haute couture, for this reason it makes me wonder if Tesco Couture ever had a chance. (

Marketing and Advertising

1. Kotex makes gifts for women based on their Pinterest boards For brands trying to get their heads around Pinterest, here’s a clever engagement of the site’s users by Kotex in a campaign called “Woman’s Inspiration Day.” (

2. How American Express markets its social media presence While American Express has seemed to pump a lot of life into its social strategy as of late, it has actually been on the scene since 2009, helping cardholders solve problems one tweet and wall post at a time. (

3. Floating theatre lets audience watch film in middle of the ocean Picture this: a screen, nestled somewhere between the rocks. And the audience… floating… hovering above the sea, somewhere in the middle of this incredible space of the lagoon, focused on the moving images across the water. Sounds good right? (

4. Pop-up store sells chocolate for good deeds, not money Realising that while money makes the world go round, good deads make the heart jump, Chocolatier Anthon Berg enabled customers to pay with a good deed, rather than cash at ‘The Generous Store.’ (

5. Execs foresee continued shift to digital marketing A February 2012 poll of CMOs found that respondents estimated their marketing budgets would grow 8.1% over the coming 12 months, a sign they were optimistic about the overall state of the US economy. (

Social Media

1. Belvedere Vodka apologises for ‘rapey’ ad In today’s social media fail of the week, Belvedere vodka’s recent tradition of whipping up ads for its Facebook page hit a snag Friday, when it posted the image of a dude who clearly doesn’t know when to say when. (

2. The financial services brands that get social The vast majority of wealth managers and private banks are dealing quite “clumsily” with social media according to a recent study of 50 leading financial firms, but not all suck! (

3. What would you do for an Intel Ultrabook? Intel has launched an international experiental campaign called “Ultrabook Temptations” featuring a series of six light-hearted social experiments asking the question “What would you do for an Ultrabook computer?” (

4. What is the psychology of the socially conscious consumer? In case you’ve been living in a bubble, the Millenial consumer likes to ‘give back’. Nielsen released research that sampled 28,000 respondents from 56 countries to look at bettering the effectiveness of cause marketing. (

5. Four tips for authentic online engagement If you want your brand’s social media efforts to come across as authentic, you need to know what you stand for and what’s meaningful to you. Here are four tips for keeping your social-media outreach authentic. (


1. Social Commerce is a winning formula, so why aren’t you on it? Nearly four in five internet users visit social networks like: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube etc. and of this market a massive 70% are buying online. Without being too blunt, why the hell aren’t you online already? (

2. App connects consumers with discounts to reduce food waste Merchants that have stock which is reaching its expiry date will be able to send consumers real-time price reductions to consumers who are in close proximity via the Zéro Gâchis app. (

3. Coke dispenses free wifi instead of soft drink The familiar object has been given a new purpose to attract Brazil’s young consumers, who mostly use prepaid phones, can’t afford generous data plans and only have access to a few free wi-fi spots. (

4. Samsung 3D projection ‘face’ mapping So we’ve seen all sorts of 3D projection mapping events, installations and exhibitions using buildings, cars, walls and even one that comes out of a car… But I don’t remember seeing anything quite like this (facemapping)

5. The future of apps One of the best presentations we’ve seen was a deck on the current trends in mobile apps, it looks closely at how mobile app businesses are disrupting massive industries, from TV to retail. (


1. Smart cartons change colour when food spoils Using a scannable label the cartons will provide information – such as how long a carton has been outside the fridge, indicate which cow on which farm produced the milk, and other processing and packaging information. (

2. Is Memphis making a come back? We love this visual identity for Marble by Museum Studio. A logotype and set of tools – patterns, labels and graphic symbols – for creating snazzy record covers. (

3. Packaging insight: Chi Coconut Water Coconut Water is the beverage du jour, celebs are pumping it’s benefits left right and centre. But if you’ve ever drunk it, well it can be fairly underwhelming, that’s why packaging plays a major part in selling this product. (

4. Heidi Lender: photographer Fashion writer and photo stylist, turned photographer, Heidi Lender’s new series She Can Leap Tall Buildings, is a nod to her mom, and all women who do it all, and do it all well. (

5. Brand New Awards 2011 The winners of the second Brand New Awards by UnderConsideration have been announced. The criteria included that work must have been implemented or approved for implementation during 2011. Here’s a snippet. (