Top 5 No. 33

How beer solves all your problems
80 best guerrilla campaigns ever!
How Iceland is using social media
new iphone 5 rumours…
Nokia designs vibrating tattoo

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1. Brands reach out to indie bands and both come out on top During the 2000s, Apple, for one, cultivated a countercultural image when it became practically synonymous with breaking new artists, such as Feist with her “1234.” But that was the exception, not the rule. Until now. (

2. Brand architecture explored When developing brand architecture you must understanding the target market so that the brand reflects a positioning statement and strategy that meets the needs of the market. Here we discuss this with a case study. (

3. Beverage giant fights back: Pepsi takes it to Coke Pepsi’s boss, Indra Nooyi, is seeking to revive the company’s core business while continuing her ambitious drive to transform the company into a maker of healthier drinks and snacks, and a better corporate citizen. (

4. Logo & Branding: Sissy’s Southern Kitchen Sissy’s is a is a Texas based restaurant created by celebrity chef Lisa Garza, its visual identity takes a classic 50′s photo-illustrated approach and gives it a consistent quality across a diverse set of assets. (

5. “What’s our digital strategy?” is the wrong question “What’s our digital strategy?” or, even more specifically, “What should our social media strategy be?” are the wrong questions to ask. The right question is: “What’s our strategy in a digital age?” (

Advertising and Marketing

1. Australian beer solves all your problems “Pioneering beering” campaign for Australia’s Hahn SuperDry was successful last year, and these new iterations—starring doofus researchers Howie and Binkers seeking solutions to “beer predicaments” in the brewer’s righteously retro research center—are similarly pleasing concoctions. (

2. 250 years of genius: The evolution of Guinness advertising GUINNESS IS GOOD for you, or so they say. Now, whether that is true or not, one thing is without doubt: Guinness ads are always good. In fact, some have even called them genius, so here are 250 years worth. (

3. 80 best guerrilla marketing ideas ever! Guerrilla advertising takes consumers by surprise, makes an indelible impression, and pops up where and when people least expect it all done without spending a lot of their marketing budget. (

4. ASB and ANZ duke it out in new campaign There’s been no shortage of action in bankland recently, with agency shifts galore and massive profits being announced by the big boys that could potentially lead to some fairly enthralling market-share battles this year. (

5. Can marketers optimise branding campaigns in real time? Online marketers are increasingly looking to swap out creative based on performance—and may even run hundreds of creative iterations that can be tailored to unique audiences through dynamic creative optimization. (

Social Media

1. Facebook names 11 of its most successful advertisers In a celebration of all things viral, Facebook announced the winners of its first-ever Studio Award, which rewards campaigns that “make full use of Facebook marketing products.” Great learning resource right here. (

2. Data points: social tv While many of us here in NZ are probably unaware of the power of using Twitter to measure viewer sentiment, in the U.S. it is huge. Check out these stats and you may become a believer in this technology. (

3. How Iceland is rebuilding its brand with social media The country is currently undergoing a resurgence since its economic meltdown in 2008 and it’s doing it on the back of a vast social media campaign that is encouraging all citizens to voice their choice and get behind it. (

4. MTV: from ‘music television’ to ‘entertainment everywhere’ The internet is supplanting TV as the go-to entertainment medium for people under 30 and MTV has transformed to meet the twenty-first century customer demand for ‘Entertainment Anywhere’. (

5. Why brand managers need to take an interest in Pinterest The person who makes the majority of household purchasing decisions has developed an affinity for the latest and greatest social media platform, Pinterest. And brand managers would be very wise to take note. (


1. QR code stickers provide medical data for emergency responders These unique QR code link a user to their medical history. Those registering for the service must first fill out a medical questionnaire from the company, which must be validated by a doctor. (

2. Eventbright launches mobile box office Watch out Ticketmaster, Eventbright has launched the ‘At The Door Card Reader’, which will interact the new At The Door iPad app to allow companies to accept payments for tickets, merchandise, and more. (

3. Brands more willing than ever to try out gamification Integrating game elements or gamification into a digital marketing and loyalty strategy could help boost engagement levels, with big brands like Starbucks, Nike and Sony Music Entertainment doing just that. (

4. Next iPhone could boast a huge 4″ screen Now that the pre-launch fuss surrounding the new iPhone is over, if you listen carefully you can hear the sound of something else cranking ever so slowly into action and that’s a rumour the screen will be a huge 4.6 inches! (

5. Dominos crowd-sources a digital pizza Domino’s Pizza in Australia will launch a new Facebook campaign called “The Social Pizza”, the app will allow their 500,000 fans to create a custom-made pizza which will feature on the real Domino’s Menu. (


1. Take a tour of Facebook’s million square meter HQ To an outsider, Facebook’s HQ might look like just another tech geek’s toybox–i.e. touchscreens, graffiti, free bikes, liquor and gear. But it’s all designed to serve creativity and make navigation and access to people and tools easy (

2. Art installation shows books flying off the shelves Imagine a deluge of books cascading from a window and you will get an idea of what Madrid-based artist Alicia Martin’s book installations look like. Each sculpture is a torrent of white paper and colorful book covers. (

3. Would you recognise a popular product without it branding? The question posed by the title of this post is addressed by brand strategist, Andrew Miller‘s project, Brand Spirit. For 100 days, he will be dousing famous products with a coat of white paint. (

4. A sneak peak at the final phase of New York’s new skyline At once a blighted relic overgrown with wildflowers from when the last freight train ran along its tracks in 1980, the New York City High Line‘s resurgence as an elevated urban park has been one enjoyed by tourists and residents alike. (

5. Nokia designs vibrating tattoo Nokia has filed for a patent of the world’s first vibrating tattoo. Taking haptic feedback — the technology behind vibrations when you touch your phone — to a new level, the company is embedding haptics into tattoos. (