Top 5 No. 31

Coles Twitter campaign backfires
New Toyota campaign = cliché hell
should brands care about Pinterest?
ipad 3 is dead to me
f*#k your noguchi coffee table!

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1. Explaining global brand strategy and consistent brand messaging Today, Jennifer, a business reporter in New York, New York asks several questions on brand management and how companies can maintain a consistent brand message across diverse markets. (

2. Branding: an expectation of valueWhen it comes to branding, we need to look beyond design, logos and naming. We need to look at ways of continuously sensing people’s desires and rapidly delivering compelling value to satisfy those desires. (

3. Mobile payments to enhance brand image? Like social media, mobile commerce enables seamless customer experiences that drive brand loyalty, as consumers demand faster, simpler payment options. They want products and services directly tailored to their lives. (

4. Our blades are f**king great! Best intro video ever? The Dollar Shave Club apparently sells high quality razors and mad cheap too. To promote this they made a video and it went so viral it crashed their site. Fantastic example of brand building right here! (

5. Coles brand savaged on Twitter Coles has become the latest major brand to experience a social media backlash after posing the statement: ‘In my house it’s a crime not to buy….’ elicited a string of hostile comments towards the supermarket. (

Marketing and Advertising

1. Why marketers need to embrace NFC “NFC revolutionises everything you’re doing while you’re outside doing day to day things. It’s definitely going to change the mobile side of marketing.” Brands such as Coca-Cola, Nova and Unilever are already under its spell (

2. New product release? Pray it’s not as bad as Toyota’s Let’s play a game. Spot the cliches. So far we have: Monotone V/O, hand-held camera, fashionable grading, naff V/O that explains the idea, spoken word poem, children jumping into swimming pools. VOM! (

3. Build it and they will come: Placemakers new campaign It’s been a tough old time in the building biz of late. But there is optimism and PlaceMakers is aiming to assert its position as the go-to trade supplier in New Zealand with its first brand campaign for a few years (

4. Mercedes builds ‘invisible’ car To demonstrate the zero carbon impact of its fuel cell vehicle, Merc made its car “invisible” with LEDs and a camera that transmitted images from the opposite side of the car, blending the vehicle in with its surroundings. (

5. Domino’s readies social media ‘reverse auctions’ Domino’s Pizza is aiming to drive lunchtime traffic with a “reverse auction” social media campaign, which lowers the price of a large pepperoni pizza as more people tweet about it. (

Social Media

1. 5 ways B2B companies can use Facebook Timeline Facebook rolled out its new timeline for B2B Business Pages, and while we are not massive advocates of Facebook for B2B it is important to know how to use the new layout. So have a look here for some tips. (

2. Wellington Phoenix kicked Tweeter to touch “Rigters shoots straight down the middle. Pasty swallows it like a lady of the night.” Phoenix management have fired the chap who updates their Twitter feed for Tweets like this. Overkill or well done? (

3. AmEx lets Twitter users turn tweets into coupons American Express is doing away with the horrible printed coupon and is partnering with Twitter and letting its members link a merchant coupon to their card by tweeting out a hashtag from a retailer. (

4. Marketers and customer-service teams should join forces We live in an age where companies must become customer obsessed to survive. This means breaking down silos and sharing intelligence, but also creating truly delightful customer experiences. (

5. Should brands care about Pinterest? Is Pinterest the social media flavour of the week or should marketers be paying attention? In our latest Engagement Checkup, we examine how brands are getting in on the “Pinsanity.” (


1. Never lose anything again – just tag it! UGrokit launched today to let you tag the stuff you lose the most with thin radio-frequency identification (RFDI) tags so you can find them with a sensor. (

2. Hands on with the new iPad 3 We touched it. We caressed every bezel. The new iPad is a model of inspired industrial design, however we came away with a feeling of “sameyness”. Would we fob off our trusty iPad 2 for this one? (

3. Red Cross launches social media disaster response centre The Red Cross and Dell have jointly launched the first social media-monitoring platform dedicated to humanitarian relief. The centre will empower communities suffering during disasters to use social tools to seek help. (

4. Gol Airlines: Valentine’s flight seat challenge This competition (ahem) flies close to the wind in terms of Facebook rules but in a crowded market place like travel it was a neat idea and is bound to be copied many times over. What do they say about good artists stealing… (

5. Orcon beats competitors to the punch to roll out UFB The $1.35 billion Ultrafast Broadband (UFB) roll-out reached the sharp end, with the first major retail plans announced. Orcon announced it would offer fibre plans from this week at speeds of up to 100 times faster. (


1. The Dot Marks the Spot Any organization could adopt the concept and execution and it’s anything but specific to this museum but, well, not many are, making this identity unique in its own right. (

2. This guy is a geniusIf you haven’t checked out his work before you’re missing out. Needs a new website though, so if you get frustrated just google his name. Nikalus Trokler. (

3. insect54’s photostream This guy is a design bibiliophile to the extreme and has amassed an amazing collection of publications, ephemera and photography. He has a penchant for anything Swiss. Great resource for designers to use and drool over. (

4. Upclose with Feltron’s latest Annual Report Don’t be one of those people who doesn’t know who Feltron is. Here’s another astonishing set of infographics about his daily life. P.S. He designed Facebook timeline! (

5. Fuck your Noguchi coffee table Everyone in the studio found this funny apart from Lezlie. Must have hit a nerve while she was sitting in her Eames rocking chair, reading Faust, in front of her frame cluster. If you want a laugh, read on. (