Top 5 No. 30

pssst online brands are crap at engagement
Facebook timeline for brands launches
Tesco and their 3d virtual fitting room
forget Gen y, it's now Gen c
awesome dog photos - seriously

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1. Why are man hole covers round? And other tough interview questions So this piece is about helping you build on your personal brand. Often we forget to invest in ourselves, so let’s take some time to prepare for interviews by swotting up on some tricky interview questions. (

2. Gas station video networks fight for space at pumps Now I’m not so sure about you guys, but when I’m filling up the car my goal is to get in and out asap. Will branded content at the pumps work on me? Not likely but still big brands want that space! (

3. When to save or abandon a troubled brand Doing away with a brand is a big decision and will be expensive. Firstly the brand cost a lot of money and secondly you’ll be spending more to recoup it. But when is the right time to bite the bullet? (

4. Fixing the engagement gap Let’s jump right in: with all this push for brands to “engage” in the social media space these past few years you would think most companies would have this stuff kind of figured out. (

5. Six principles behind the BI Brand model The BI model has a worthwhile market share – as reflected by the fact that some 170,000 copies of the two books have been sold. So let us touch on six principles that the model is based on. (

Social Media

1. Five important social media tips to boost your brand This piece follows on nicely from one last week where we investigated what social media platforms were right for you. Have a read and immerse yourself. (

2. KLM: a company that ‘gets’ social media As one who is always professing the benefits of social media for company/brand X–when done properly of course–it’s always refreshing to come across a company that “gets it,” and KLM certainly does. (

3. Facebook timeline for brands launches Similar to individual user Timelines, this iteration for brands and organizations loses landing tabs but adds new features including the ability for featured posts to be “pinned” to the top of a Timeline for up to one week. (

4. Kellogg’s listens online, develops cereal from tweet Yep you guessed it, Kelloggs totally did a Starbucks, however this was by accident. They’ve made a new cereal called ‘Tots Amazeballs’ based on a random Tweet. Where can I get me some Amazeballs? (

5. How designer Amanda Pearl went social to boost traffic By combining the five points below, in a little less than a year, Venpop was able to help a client, New York fashion designer Amanda Pearl, get 20% of her overall traffic from social media. (

Advertising and Marketing

1. Five trends that will shape tomorrow’s advertising industry Today, the pressure on CMOs and marketers to deliver tangible results in the short term is intense. It’s easy for tunnel vision to set in. Advertisers are reacting to trends rather than mastering and exploiting them. (

2. Mercury Energy tugs at the heart strings in new ad “In their hearts, their minds, and their souls. We harness it, and we share it.” Yes seriously that was one of the lines in the ad, which one commentator said “was like a bad fairytale for mentally impaired adults.” Thoughts? (

3. Guardian TV ad kicks off ‘open journalism’ campaign The Guardian has launched its first major brand positioning TV ad for more than 25 years with a commercial broadcast on Channel 4 as part of a campaign promoting the paper’s concept of “open journalism”. (

4. Tesco launches virtual 3D fitting room Tesco – certainly not considered a high street fashion destination has launched a virtual fitting room. Why? Probably because they know their style isn’t that styly and to snare the digital generation. (

5. Alzheimer’s Association: forgot your password? For national Alzheimer’s a “forgot your password?” reminder was sent to members, reminding them that that moment of self-doubt is a constant reality for those afflicted with the disease. (


1. What makes a video go viral? If you’ve ever uploaded a video and thought it was going to be the next viral classic, but it wasn’t, then this video from Youtube trends guru Kevin Allocca will help you out. (

2. Forget gen Y: 18-34 year olds are now ‘generation C’ It’s hardly news that young adults are the most digitally connected, but now Nielsen has come up with a new name for this group based on their common behaviours: “Generation C.” (

3. App lets consumers attach their own comments to product barcodes Open Label is an effort that aims to crowdsource product information, allowing consumers and organizations to keep each other informed about products of virtually every kind. (

4. 10 hot web startups changing the face of retail In 2010, branded content was one the largest trends among retailers and brands. In 2011, branded content shifted to branded entertainment. Now, in 2012, we’ll look toward content cultivation and aggregation. (

5. Using Twitter create buzz for movies Lionsgate announced a campaign Wednesday for fans of The Hunger Games to unlock free advanced screenings of the upcoming film by tweeting specific hashtags related to their nearby cities. (


1. How design reinvented nostalgia on London’s streets It is known simply as “the new bus for London”, but the vehicle that enters service on Monday is essentially the return of that much-loved London icon the Routemaster. (

2. Delicious pics of exploding food and toys Alan Sailer likes to shoot stuff with a pellet rifle in his basement, watching as a chocolate bunny crackles under the stress, a roll of Smarties explodes into dust, and a frozen strawberry is blown to smithereens. (

3. A project about dogs & physics So on first glance this post must look like a total cop-out, but hold on, the more you scroll the better it becomes. Youtube has cat videos and we have dog photos. (

4. Office furniture Office furniture like what you’ll see in this post I’m pretty certain would lessen the number of ‘sick’ days, meaning greater productivity and in turn a healthier economy. Forget budgetary cuts, invest in office furniture! (

5. Movie poster cliches There are no original stories to tell. Only a mish-mash of ones we’ve already heard. This maxim rings true for movie posters also. Don’t believe me? Read on then dear disbeliever. (