Top 5 No. 28

2011 product placement awards
Air NZ launches new campaign
Build your blog following baby!
Facebook in your car? Wtf
Designing on a budget not budget design

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1. Restoring the core at Starbucks A brand that has recently restored its core from a daunting decline, and thus rekindled its very “brand soul” and so restored profitable growth, is Starbucks. How has it done it? (

2. Announcing the 2012 Brandcameo Product Placement Award Winners Here’s a perfect way to justifiably waste your Friday morning. You know all those movies with product placement in them? Well check out what some brands paid for those placements (

3. Rescuing the American Red Cross Established in 1881, the American Red Cross is one of the most well-known emergency response organizations in the world and recently they underwent a rebranding exercise. (

4. Four Travel Disasters and How Marketers Handled Them How do you turn a national crisis into a marketing opportunity (and still be able to sleep at night)? Travel editor Eve Thomas explains how travel experts around the world have walked the fine line of disaster tourism. (

5. The J.C. Penney branding masterstroke My Facebook page has exploded around two stories this month – Susan G. Komen and Ellen becoming JC Penney’s spokesperson. Controversial topics – abortion and homosexuality – in bed with national brands. (

Marketing and Advertising

1. Air NZ launches ‘Kiwi Sceptics’ campaign The Kiwi Sceptics’ campaign attempts to convert four Australian ‘Kiwi Sceptics’ into advocates, in order to drive the destination up Aussie’s travel wish-list. (

2. Women’s Refuge campaign shows it’s what on the inside that counts Women’s Refuge hopes to get people thinking about what love means for some women, bring domestic abuse into the open and encourage NZers to take a second glance if they suspect something isn’t right in a relationship. (

3. The 2degrees mission continues with Rhys Darby Coinciding with 2degrees announcing it now provides mobile services to a 875,656 Kiwis, Whybin\TBWA has launched its latest 60 second brand TVC, ‘The Mission Continues’, featuring the inimitable Rhys Darby. (

4. NZ online ads grew 24% in 2011; mobile appears on radar For the fourth quarter 2011 total online advertising spend was $87.11 million, up 20.52% year on year. And the trend is sure to continue as our browsing habits continue to permiate into the everyday aspects of our lives. (

5. Downing Street plans careers brand to target youth unemployment The Prime Minister’s office is launching a digital brand intended to help young people make better career choices, as the government seeks to reduce youth unemployment. (

Social Media

1. Luxury Hotels & Social Media: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts We’re entering a new age in luxury hotel marketing. Top-tier hotels are using Twitter for concierge services, social geo-locating platforms to unlock free gifts, Facebook for customer service and YouTube to showcase properties. (

2. How Do I Grow My Email Marketing List? One of the most frequently asked questions I have been asked is “how do I grow my email list?” My answer is simple: Be aggressive and ask permission at any opportunity you get. Read on… (

3. How to Build a Blog Following “Build it and they will come”, sounds good, in theory. You’ve got a blog but no audience, so how do you go about getting one and building on it? Is there a magic formula? Does it happen by chance? Hell no! (

4. How Content Turns Prospects Into Customers How do you attract passionate customers? What can you do to cut through the noise and get people to notice what you have to say? The answer is interesting and compelling content that solve your customers’ problems. (

5. Twitter Breaks News of Whitney Houston Death Before Press Doubt the power of Twitter no more. 27 minutes before mainstream media broke the news of Houston’s death on Saturday night, the story was on Twitter, reported by a man who tweeted the news out to his 14 followers. (


1. Detroit makes a push for “connected cars” As if driving wasn’t dangerous enough, auto makers are putting new technologies into their vehicles: everything from 17-inch dashboard screens to services that check Facebook and buy movie tickets. (

2. What I Learned From My Week Of Photographing My Diet Not happy with what you eat but don’t have the willpower to change things? The Eatery – a service that tracks the healthiness of your diet by sharing user’s photos of their meals with their community. (

3. Why Mobile Sites Beat Mobile Apps for Content Delivery Soon most online activity will be happening on phones and tablets, not laptops or desktops. So you should be thinking about how to deliver your content to mobile users. (

4. 5 mobile apps to boost small business activity When you operate a small business, the last thing you want to do is waste precious time. Luckily, mobile apps for Apple and Android devices can help simplify many of your day-to-day business operations. (

5. App Removes Exes And Background Creepers From Your Photos Scalado is introducing a new app that will become a photographer’s best friend. “Remove” easily erases people and objects from photographs to provide users with perfectly clean shots. (


1. RETROPHONE: what the iPhone would be like in the 80’s. Anton Repponen has created what an iPhone OS would look like back in 1986. And it looks amazing! Hell he’s even made a installation window. Fingers crossed the phones not as big as a brick. (

2. Austin Beerworks: Helms Workshop Beer cans are beer cans ok. If you like the taste you’ll keep drinking the damn stuff regardless of what it looks like. But new drinkers unaccustomed to the flava? These cans look like hand grenades – made for real men! (

3. Designing on a budget Charities are great organisations to work for. They understand the limitations of their budget and allow the creatives to get, well creative. Here’s how we made the budget streeeeeeatch for the APO’s season brochure. (

4. Beautiful desert house Instead of being built for interior functionality, the Four Eyes House was designed to enhance the homeowner’s experience of the surrounding landscape and the phenomenal natural events that occur. (

5. World Press Photo 2012 Sure you may not be able to speak French, but since when did you need to understand a foreign language to feel the impact of amazing photography? Take your time and check out some of these amazing shots. (