Top 5 No. 26

Copycat brands are always crap
Want a customer for life?
Never lose your keys or kids again
smart house of the future
Lego HQ has a slide!

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1. You can’t lead as a brand if you follow another brand The question shouldn’t be, “what does ‘X’ brand’ do well that we can do also?”. The question must always be “what can’t our competitors do that we can excel at?” (

2. Brand Threat: The Out-Of-Touch CEO Our most senior leaders are acting like bulls in a china shop, awkwardly and prematurely broadcasting their strategic decisions in ways that destroy their company’s (and their own) reputation and value. (

3. Research broker rebrand. Good or Bad? The brandline, Decoding Signal from Noise™, “expresses how the firm helps clients manage the deluge of information in modern financial markets”, cutting through the clutter etc, but do you LIKE the brand? (

4. Waitrose Extends LOVE life and Makes You Count… Certainly the war between home brands and national brands is still playing out however Waitrose’s decision to expand it’s award-winning private brand is music to the consumers ears. (

5. Will the Orange brand really be killed? Orange one of the most successful brands ever created, may be axed, according to The Times. The business is now considering creating a fourth brand to replace all the others. Is this is a smart move? (

Advertising and Marketing

1. The Future of Advertising 2012: From The Ad Students These students are at the cutting edge of where advertising past meets the aspirations for the future. They are canaries in the coal-mine. They are the truth seekers. They dig deeper. Push things further with open minds. (

2. New Mercedes Ads Can Only Be Seen By Truck Drivers To promote its truck model Actros, Mercedes-Benz hit the mark with a unique campaign that specifically got the attention of its target consumers. Mercedes placed ads on top of sedans where only truckies could see them. (

3. How to win customers for life… British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s are enjoying a boon of newfound popularity, after a customer service response went terribly right. Quick someone call Qantas. (

4. When the Big Marketing Campaign Fails, What Next? It happens to the best of us. We plan for months, invest in the right resources and pay excruciatingly close attention to detail. Then the day of the big campaign launch comes. And goes. And it’s a failure. What next? (

5. Inside Facebook’s IPO: What Investors Are Saying We dug into the IPO filing. Is Facebook really worth $100 billion? What does it mean for capital markets? Is the social network just managing expectations? (

Social Media

1. The 10 Most Blatant Design Ripoffs in Social Media Why should you create something original when there are so many successful sites and services that you can just rip off? That seems to be the trend these days. (

2. 7 Simple Ways to Get Your Readers to Spend More Time On Your Blog Readers are precious and their attention is scarce. Your challenge is to get your readers to spend time with your content, get comfortable with your vision, and take steps to build a relationship with you. Here’s how. (

3. Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn The darling network of brides-to-be, fashionistas and budding bakers now beats YouTube, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn and MySpace for percentage of total referral traffic in January, according to a Shareaholic study. (

4. 25 Ways Social Media is Like a Good Book In the same way a novel or memoir draws a reader in, there are certain qualities about social media that make it memorable and engaging. This inspired me to come up with 25 ways social media is like a good book: (

5. Study: 97% of marketers say social media delivers ROI Marketers value social media for both branding and customer acquisition and tracking and measurement help companies determine benefits and value. (


1. Interactive Wall Takes And Shares Photos At Music Festivals The ‘Power Wall’ takes photos of festival goers via a HD camera, then displays them on the wall and the V Energy Facebook Page. Texts are also sent to festival goers containing a link to their image on Facebook. (

2. RF-enabled app locates lost objects or children Recently launched Bikn enables consumers to find lost objects, pets or children with a system consisting of an RF-enabled iPhone case, multiple tags and an app. No more hide and go seek… (

3. 20 Awesome Facebook Fan Pages Here’s 20 companies—chosen from nominations by entrepreneurs, social media experts, Inc. editors, and Facebook—that we think have awesome fan pages. (

4. London’s New Smart Recycling Bins Come With LCD Displays & Wi-Fi In preparation for the 2012 Olympics, London will introduce 25 high-tech ‘smart bins’ placed around the city. These recycling bins will be embedded with an LCD display on each side and come integrated with Wi-Fi connectivity. (

5. The smart house of the future Imagine a totally digitised house, creating a parallel home on the web. Everything in the house can be used to communicate; the interface is ubiquitous, controlling physical appliances and apps alike. (


1. The Best Looking Edition Of American Psycho Out There They say you can’t choose a back by it’s cover, well Picador may well have proven this is a lie after redesigning the cover of American Psycho and 11 other famous novels in stunning, black-and-white covers. (

2. Lego’s Denmark Office Slide Encourages Play While You Work At the moment we’re busy working on the fit-out of one of our clients new HQ. We suggested they insall a slide, but they said no, Lego must have over-heard us. Copy cats… True story. (

3. diy project: valentine book collection You’ve still got time! Still got a couple of weeks to get OR make that perfect Valentines Day present. What do they say about food tasting better when it’s made with love. The sentiment is interchangeable. (

4. Designer Desktops Desktops are like windows into the soul… Nah kidding, but why should yours be a bland blue screen. Have a look at some of the desktops these designers have done and if you like them download them. (

5. Long-Exposure Pics Make Trains Look Like Laser Beams We love pictures of trains. We also love plays on light. So we reaaaally love the long-exposure shots of San Fran photographer Aaron Durand, snaps make the city’s trains look like a Star Trek phaser shootout. (