Top 5 No. 25

For successful innovation, sell imperfect products
NY Lottery advertising has us
wanting a ticket!
QR codes to replace loyalty cards
Mcdonalds does a ‘Qantas’ = disaster
Big bankruptcies (infographic)

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1. How to Measure Engagement of Your Thought Leadership Program For b-to-b organizations, thought leadership is a critical component for driving awareness, sparking excitement, and creating engagement within a very skeptical market, but how do you measure it? (

2. The Life Span of Brands Brands have their cycles and they run their course. What’s difficult for brand owners and managers to grasp is when to continue to invest precious capital into a tired under-performing brand or move on. (

3. The rise of the connected consumer: get the trust back! A Young & Rubicam survey found that the percentage of brands that consumers considered trustworthy dropped from 52 percent to 22 percent over a decade. Here’s how to claw the trust back. (

4. For Successful Innovation, Sell Imperfect Products Many companies waste millions on R&D, while early-stage marketing can prove a more cost-effective way of developing new products. The new adage: create crap, make millions, may well make cents (hehe) (

5. Three Ways to Pull Your Senior Team Together Getting a senior leadership team focused and aligned requires both the right environment for open conversation and the right tools to get everyone on the same page. (

Advertising and Marketing

1. Marketing Trends for 2012“Opportunities go begging in a market ripe for the brave,” says Deloitte chief marketing officer David Redhill, and that’s certainly the attitude of many marketers looking at the next 12 months. (

2. New York Lottery’s Powerball advertisingHow do you get more people to buy into the ‘million-1 odds at becoming rich beyond their imagination? Sounds easy right? Maybe so but these ads are brilliant. Where can I get me a ticket! (

3. Building Localist a golden chanceA cynic might say Blair Glubb has escaped the frying pan only to land in the fire, but he doesn’t appear to be a man feeling the heat so how has this digital marketer brought new media to old ways? (

4. Are You Selling to the Right People?If you’re selling a big idea, you need to be having conversations with a big thinker. You can’t drag people from understanding to action. A customer isn’t actually at the last mile if you’re the one dragging them to the finish line. (

5. Mariner Boating Holidays: Tie a KnotWhat I know about sailing can be packed into a bottle of rum and put into the too hard basket. This clever DM piece is target for land lubbers like me. Cute, simple and kinda genius. (


1. Sensor Networks Could End Parking RageIn many urban areas, a third of the cars on the road have already reached their destination and are just circling the block waiting for a parking space. This leads to a cascade of problems. But now it seems there is a solution. (

2. The eyes have it! How to design an accessible websiteWebsites should work for everyone that’s why when we designed a new site for The Foundation Precinct it was important to design for visitors with varying degrees of visual impairment. (

3. QR Codes Replace Loyalty Cards To Lighten Your WalletHands up who hates loyalty cards? Hands up who knows they are missing out on hundreds of free coffees a year? Well Perx and their simple QR codes have found a way to keep you wired all year round. (

4. Apple Is Worth More than All the Tea in China; What Else?Apple‘s market cap rose to a record high of $400 billion on Jan. 19, 2012. Already it is worth more than Greece, but that’s not much chop right now, so what else is Apple worth more than? (

5. Smart Windows Let You Interact With The World From Your CarThe smart glass uses augmented reality on top of a window giving the user an insight into the real world thus us a fuller awareness of our surroundings. Bye bye lame eye spy games. (

Social Media

1. Abject Lessons Learnt from McDonald’s Social Media DisasterMcDonalds have run a Twitter campaign and while it was only suppose to last for 24 hours and much like Qantas’s experience with Twitter it soon became a disaster. (

2. 5 Content Marketing Ideas Worth StealingContent Marketing is about creating compelling, contagious content and sharing it freely on social networks and blogs. It is about building a relationship with your prospects to create repeat business. (

3. 15 YouTube Marketing Tips for Your Small BusinessVideo Marketing on YouTube is a must for small businesses and startups in 2012. YouTube videos are longtail pieces of marketing content that can drive organic traffic to your website for many years to come. (

4. Marks & Spencer Rewards Customers For Recycling M&S ClothingMarks & Spencer teams up with Oxfam to create “Clothes Exchange,” an avenue for shoppers to enjoy their fashionable pursuits while doing their part in helping charitable institutions and caring for the environment. (

5. What do consumers want from social?A study from the CMO Council of 1300 consumers and 132 senior marketers revealed a profound difference between what consumers want from brands in social media, and what marketers think they want. (


1. Artist Blends Into The Background Of Her Own PaintingIn a total ‘where’s wally’ rip off (kidding!) Peruvian photographer, sculptor, and performance artist, Cecilia Paredes camouflages herself within two-dimensional, floral patterned environments. Found her yet? (

2. The largest bankruptcies in historyAn oldie and depending on your disposition maybe a goodie? Here’s an infographic of the largest bankruptcies in history. Suddenly things don’t look that bad huh. (

3. Sabrina & Mark WeddingPerhaps cognizant perception has meant this little beauty of a wedding invite has made it to this weeks Top Five. But for this soon to be wed fella, the day and night invite is mighty fine. Yes I do. (

4. Why Shouldn’t A Parking Garage Be A Graphic Funhouse?Well duh! What a silly question. A car park has to be drab and grey because, that’s how it’s always been done. Until now where this carpark comes across like a super cool paint by numbers. (

5. Why Pinterest Is So Dang AmazingIf you haven’t heard of Pinterest and LOVE finding cool things on the net and want to share them with friends then get over to and ask for an invite already. It’s wicked! Here’s why… (