Top 5 No. 23

Brand Disasters of 2011
The state of social marketing 2012
Mary wasn’t a virgin?
what’s the mood of your city?
loving jony ives

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1. Top 10 brand disasters of 2011 BofA thought they’d hit the perfect gold mine: charge people $5 a month to use their debit cards. After all, to banking execs, a fiver is just small change. Who would complain? Ahem, who didn’t? read more (

2. Call me loyal Hugely sought after and hard to keep, customers are by and large fickle beasts. What inspires customer loyalty? Good customer service? Low prices? The attractive waiter? read more (

3. Why your car is the next advertising battleground Those hours you spend driving each day will soon be interrupted with contextual advertising, pointing you to that Starbucks around the corner or the McDonald’s just down the street. read more (

4. Amazon launches promo to lure customers from retail Amazon is using a dinky new app where users can scan a product to compare prices. By scanning they immediately get a $5 discount. Watch out brick and mortar stores! read more (

5. A new HP brand? If ever there was a case for one competitor branding pushing the cart out so far that the rest has to follow or be left behind well here it is. I’m talking Apple vs HP. read more (

Social Media

1. 4 Ways To Boost The Value Of Your B2B Marketing Content B2B marketers must understand that the content they create has to create value in order to win over B2B buyers. So how can marketers get more value out of their content marketing? Here are four ways: read more (

2. Biggest Social-Media Blunders of 2011 Really this post needs no introduction other than to say to all the negative nellies out there, that the raison d’etre of this is to remind you to be careful with social media! Read on dear readers. read more (

3. People don’t want to interact with brands, but with people The thing brands should focus on in social media is to help conversations between the people there become better, richer, deeper and funnier.
read more (

4. The State of Social Marketing 2011 – 2012 An important takeout from the following piece of research is that “to successfully reach the Social Consumer and ensure that social media extends across the organization.” read more (

5. Marketers Struggle With Social Media Marketers are struggling to fully integrate social into their overarching marketing strategies, according to a new report from the Chief Marketing Officer Council. read more (

Marketing and Advertising

1. The Envy Collection – 12 Days of Advertising 12 Days of Advertising is a series that asks 12 New Zealanders with ad and marketing backgrounds to pick their favorite campaign of 2011 and look into the crystal ball for 2012. read more (

2. Mary had a little test Christmas is a time to celebrate enduring traditions such as mistletoe, binge eating, consumerism and according to this billboard Mary, Jesus’ mother, does a home pregnancy test at this time of year. Ooo is it a boy? read more (

3. Here Are The Greatest Commercials From The NBA Lockout From fans to players to local restaurants – we all came out losers in the NBA lockout. But there was one group that came out on top: marketers. read more (

4. War of Words: Deciding the Future in Advertising The “War of the Words” event put on by Campaign and the Huffington Post UK gave the spotlight to professionals under the age of 25 to present their thoughts of the future of advertising to a panel of judges. read more (

5. Is this the greatest print ad ever produced? This JetBlue ad ran in Fast Company in conjunction with this article on Morgan Spurlock’s Pom Wonderful presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. read more (


1. An iPad In Every Store Belly wants local merchants and their customers to ditch those paper loyalty cards because all those paper punch-and-stamp cards…so old-fashioned!
read more (

2. Apple Products’ History in Film Our friends at AnyClip put together this infographic that highlights how and where Apple products have appeared in films throughout history.
read more (

3. Nike Wants Holiday Shoppers to Get Their Kicks Via AR Just in time for last-minute holiday shopping, Nike has teamed up with augmented reality specialists GoldRun, Akoo and U.S. running apparel retailer Finish Line for an AR-based treasure hunt. read more (

4. Art installation and computer program monitors city’s mood Take a look at the ‘Fuehlometer’ an innovative art installation that mimics the mood of the towns inhabitants. It’s always good to see art and technology combining to… read more (

5. MIT’s trillion frames per second light-tracking camera A camera capable of visualising the movement of light has been unveiled by a team of scientists in the US.The equipment captures images at a rate of roughly a trillion frames per second… read more (


1. An Exhibit Exploring Jony Ive’s Design Legacy At Apple When Apple held its public “Celebrating Steve” memorial, it’s no coincidence that the eulogy was delivered by Jonathan Ive. Promoted by Jobs to Senior Vice President of Industrial Design in… read more (

2. DIY Project: Holiday Surprise Crackers Kate Petty of Mini-Eco sent over this easy, modern version of Christmas crackers, a popular holiday tradition in countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK, should keep the kids busy… read more (

3. Howler Business Cards These oversize business cards are an amazing example of what a good design and a little tonal ink can do. Howler magazine is a quarterly publication for… read more (

4. Whitney Museum of American Art Website: Linked by Air Working in the virtual world scares newly minted designers with good reason. If you create a book that opens upside down and backwards, and questions books altogether, you are… read more (

5. Which one’s our tent? Festival goers often have trouble locating their tents within a sea of muddy green and blue tarpaulin. FieldCandy, a new design-led tent manufacturer no less, may well have the answer… read more (