Top 5 No. 21

Is there any value in branding?
Lessons from #Occupy
Augmented (becomes) reality
AiR NZ kills Rico!
2011 gift guide pour vous…

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1. Brand management: The asshole effect If you are in business and have employees, let me be VERY clear about this: You are always only one asshole away from losing your best customer. The more assholes you have on staff, the more… read more (

2. Value Creation, Crazy Ideas And Brand Leadership The notion that the process of value creation and innovation can somehow be quantified as something predictable, with outcomes easily repeated, is a compelling one indeed. read more (

3. Russia Rebranding Its Police Russia has begun the rebranding of its police, which is to become a completely innovative Russian Police brand. The new brand targets both law-enforcement authorities and community using… read more (

4. John Lewis scoops Brand of the Year for second year running John Lewis has won The Marketing Society’s Brand of the Year for the second time running, beating competition from brands including British Airways and Foster’s. read more (

5. Can you quantify the impact your marketing spend has on your brand? Most of us have a handle on the cost of our brand related marketing and communication activities. Some of us even know the returns we get from our marketing and communication spend. Bbbbbut… read more (

Social Media

1. Social Media Marketing – 10 Inspiring Infographics Here are some infographics that simplify the presentation of the facts and figures of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Content and SEO, Tumblr and StumbleUpon and showcase the… read more (

2. The Good and Bad of Social Media in a Democracy Expect court cases to be in the news in the coming months and years that not only tell us how we can use social media, but how we can’t. That’s a rude awakening coming for many of us. read more (

3. Why Your Business Should Be on Google+ By now, many of us have already started setting up our Google+ business pages, and have noticed that there’s nothing overly special about these business pages yet… read more (

4. Social business lessons from #Occupy Regardless of your politics, the occupy movement has undeniably mobilised and organised large and diverse groups of people to create a viable political movement – so what can businesses learn from it? read more (

5. LinkedIn bootcamp, helping you get your account back into shape If you’re anything like me, you’ve let a bit of dust accumulate on your once proud and shiny LinkedIn account. Outdated information, neglected networks, a CV that could use some spiffing up… read more (


1. The Onset of Augmented (Hyper) Reality Keiichi Matsuda is currently finishing up his architecture master’s degree at London’s Bartlett School of Architecture. He created this intriguing, beautiful and somewhat unnerving vision of life in the future. read more (

2. And the bidding for Yahoo begins Reports have Silver Lake partners partnering with Microsoft and Andreessen Horowitz to buy a minority stake in Yahoo for as much as $3 billion. But can Yahoo be saved? read more (

3. Tool Reveals Which Celebs, Models Have Been Photoshopped Researchers have finally come up with the answer to a question that’s plagued us all for years: “Just how much Photoshopping did that magazine cover model get? read more (

4. Technology takes gaming to the toilet Emptying one’s bladder is usually a ‘get in and get out’ as quick as possible proposition. But Captive Media wants to encourage male patrons to linger at the urinal. How? Video games, of course. read more (

5. Prize pigs’ underground world In the world of digital prize pigs, there is only one goal – to win. A prize pig is someone who enters as many competitions as possible – sometimes seeing it as a way to make a living. read more (

Marketing and Advertising

1. Samsung Vs Apple: The NextBigThing Ad It’s the Samsung Galaxy S II taking it to stereotypical Apple fans, playing on all the disappointments of the iPhone 4s launch. What I really love about this, is… read more (

2. Air NZ kills off controversial puppet Rico He’s hung out with Lindsay Lohan, recorded a rap song with Snoop Dogg and flown next to Paul Henry – but it seems Rico’s days as a high-flying celebrity are over. read more (

3. 5 Marketing Lessons From The Craziest Holiday Fad Of All Time Since that mania a decade and a half ago, Tickle Me Elmo remains the benchmark for products’ must-have status. And there’s a few things you can learn from the genius marketing behind the frenzy. read more (

4. Chevy proves the power of emotion Great ad/story… Herb Younger thought it was a film crew documenting three generations of an American family. Little did he know, Chevy conspired with his sons, to return his long-lost Impala. The rest, is history. read more (

5. The best Ads of the week If you’re one of those people who stands around the water cooler at work listening to people talk about the best ads of the week, secretly wishing you knew what they were talking about. Now you can! read more (


1. Interior design via digital design yum I love the clash of the old and the new. This installation does it brilliantly. For 350 years the Unversitylibrary Breman has organized and structured information to make it… read more (

2. Photographer Turns His Lens On A City’s Secret Nooks Andrew Brooks captures forgotten urban spaces that most of us never knew existed – or were too scared to examine for ourselves – how does an asbestos-filled nuclear bunker sound? read more (

3. Breaking retro objects down… The series is called Disassembly, and it’s quite compelling. Each image shows you just how many components went into these old pieces of technology. The flip clock is impressively complex, as are the old cameras. read more (

4. Adidas interior design system 2011 Knowing how to tie a brands essence to its product is tricky enough, knowing how to show the essence in a functional space is something else all together. Adidas here, have nailed it. read more (

5. 2011 Gift Guides: Photophile I have always thought that photography is the gift that keeps on giving. After the party is over or the moment has passed, it’s great to have a photograph to remember it by, so here are some of my favorites! read more (