Top 5 No. 20

Cadbury wins the battle for purple
Business must have a social strategy
School puts ads in report cards
Fancy some Terminator contacts?
McDonalds unveils new concept store

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1. Cadbury’s Chocolate Maintains Purple Reign Can brands own colours? We said yes in our blog post here where we spoke about the world’s most famous rugby team owning black: and now it seems Cadbury can own purple! How smug do we feel… read more (

2. Asics campaign Lets You Run Against World Class Marathoner Think you could win a marathon? Or even place in the top five? Doubt it. But Asics welcomes you to try. The good news, dear, lazy reader, is that you don’t even have to run 26.2 miles. read more (

3. The Kardashian Brand Strikes Again! For all your peeps out there who need reminding, yes branding is about consistently delivering a promise to the consumer. And oh how the Kardashians delivered on theirs, controversy and scandal abounds! read more (

4. Volkswagen and Achtung! Build The Most Social Car Ever The Fanwagen campaign invites fans to vote on Facebook for their favorite classic VW model — the T1 Camper or the Beetle — for a chance to score the car that wins. The campaign doubled the amount of fans for the brand page in four days, and reached 1.5 million people through Twitter. read more (

5. Logo & Branding: Deep Search“We wished to translate the essence of the products into a timeless profile, the printed material representing the same qualities as the products; classic cuts, seams and details with focus on quality and effective use of materials.” Achieved? You be the judge. read more (

Social Media

1. Businesses must target their social media use – Digital Life study While 67% of New Zealanders said they had joined brand communities for a promotion or special offer, 54% said they did not want to engage with a brand via social media. What’s the answer? Strategy! read more (

2. Qantas marketing campaign on Twitter backfires Australia’s Qantas Airlines has been left red-faced (yet again) after an ill-timed public relations campaign and Twitter competition backfired, drawing thousands of angry responses. read more (

3. Adidas Unveils First Corporate Blog Maintained By EmployeesIn a remarkable attempt to create more intimate and unique relationships and foster online interaction with its customers, Adidas has recently launched its first corporate blog, written and maintained by the staff. read more (

4. Announcing the 2011 Mashable Awards Finalists The 2011 Mashable Awards honor nominees and winners in 28 categories, covering four core areas: Social Media, Tech, Business and Entertainment. Here’s your chance to see what was hot this year. read more (

5. Social media platform provides dog-sitting serviceStayhound matches vacationing dog owners with available local pet sitters via Facebook. Through its use of Facebook, and implementation of user ratings and comments, Stayhound presents greater accountability to sitters and provides reassurance for owners. read more (

Marketing and Advertising

1. McDonald’s Billboard Lights Up Chicago Sky What light over yonder billboard breaks? The billboard, part of a regional “Best Fries on the Planet” campaign, is visible for some three miles around its location at North Clark and West Ontario. read more (

2. Vodka Maker Pulls NYC Billboard Blasted as Anti-SemiticWith past billboard slogans such as “Escort quality. Hooker pricing,” you’d expect Wodka vodka wouldn’t have pulled their latest campaign under the pressure of it being anti-semetic. But they did. read more (

3. Yahoo Debuts Livestand ‘Living Ads’ With ToyotaTablet use is increasing, data limits are becoming more affordable and users are more likely to interact with a moving ad than a static one. Enter Yahoo! with their ‘Living Ads’. read more (

4. Public School Agrees To Include Ads In Report Cards How do you moneytise school report cards? Put advertising in them of course! Officials from a school in the U.S. have included advertisements on report cards due to steep budget cuts in education. read more (

5. What makes a great marketer? This question was answered by five very different senior marketers, from Innocent to 101, at a recent Marketing Society and LinkedIn event. Here are the highlights and insights. read more (


1. iPad App Lets Women Try Out Different Hairstyles U.S. fashion magazine, InStyle, has created an iPad app that lets women virtually try out different hair cuts, styles and colors as they appear augmented on the user. read more (

2. Researchers Build Terminator Contact Lens Arnold Schwarzenegger, your contact lenses are calling. Researchers at the University of Washington have successfully built and tested what may be the first-ever Terminator-style heads-up display contact lens. read more (

3. iPhone lens takes photography to the next level Sure, there are all sorts of digital photo filters you can use with your iPhone’s camera, but if you’ve ever longed for the simple pleasure of a real fisheye lens, this could be the tool for you. read more (

4. Incredible Google Street View Film – watch it! This stunning film tells the story of a desk toy that longs to escape from the office, given the chance, he takes a cross country road trip to the Pacific Coast using a toy car and Google Maps Street View! read more (

5. Dominos pizza hero for iPad Domino’s new iPad app allows customers to take on the role of the pizza making ‘hero.’ Users can knead the dough, spread pizzas sauce, apply cheese and arrange pizza toppings etc, all in a race against the clock. read more (


1. Google Street View PhotographyAaron Hobson is the curator of Cinemascapes GSV, a collection of photos taken by the cameras atop the “aesthetically-neutered” Google Street View vehicles as plod their way through the world. Inspiring stuff. read more (

2. McDonald’s Unveils High-Design Concept Store The new identity is an attempt to recast McD’s as a family restaurant, rather than a teenage hangout. A lone teen can eat standing up, while a family can sit at a more private area with a digital ordering terminal. read more (

3. Sunken Bridge Lets You Walk Through Water [Pics] This bridge cuts across the moat of Fort de Roovere; the moat was too shallow for a boat and too deep to walk across. Solution? Create a walk way through it but at eye level. Ecologically sound and aesthetically pleasing. read more (

4. Wayfinding system The designers’ task was to come up with a unique, custom-made system that would immediately create associations with the Copernicus Science Centre structure. read more (

5. Great examples of Coffee Art Photographs Perhaps it’s the subconscious need for coffee that has driven us to include some of the best coffee art made by some very talented baristas from all over the world various coffee shops. Moccona heft meer mmm! read more (