Top 5 No. 19

The secrets of successful brands
10 B2B social media examples
Awesome looking beer labels
Saatchi&Saatchi bottle it… again?
what you’re really like drunk…

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1. Key to brand survival? Make life better A new study of consumer engagement finds that companies that aren’t making a difference—to the world and to consumers—aren’t going to be around much longer. Instead of just making your product… read more (

2. Brand early, not often We’ve heard a wide range of reasons for de-prioritizing branding and design in the early phases of a business, and these justifications tend to fall into one of three buckets. Each of these arguments has… read more (

3. Brand building and aesthetics Whether one considers Apple’s iPod, iPad or iPhone or Ty Nant’s bottled water or Giorgio Armani clothing, aesthetics plays an important role in the appeal of brands. read more (

4. ubyu brand identity Recently, the world has become excited about the potential of self-publishing. ubyu is the latest web-based facility for anyone wishing to create their own high quality bespoke books. The ubyu brand… read more (

5. The secrets of successful co-brands Brands are judged by the company they keep. These partnerships are innovative because they are fresh, unexpected, and also increase awareness. In the late 1990s, several… read more (

Social Media

1. What time is the internet the most awake? (infogaphic) Bård Edlund shares with us a nifty little experiment in showing the rolling periods of wakefulness around the world. So when’s the best time to tweet something? read more (

2. 10 B2B case studies and examples As we have learned by writing posts for this site, people are interested in examples of what other B2B companies large and small are doing with social media. It is easier to justify your plans to… read more (

3. The business of B2B social media B2B, as in any other field impacted by online activity, social media can amplify awareness, increase lead generation, reduce sales cycles, and perhaps most importantly, learn and adapt to… read more (

4. Five social media trends for 2012 It’s that most wonderful time of the year again – time to get out the crystal ball and make some predictions. Here are five social media trends for 2012 that marketers need to be aware of. read more (

5. 6 Ways to be more persuasive with social media How can you be persuasive with consumers on social media? One of the best books on persuasion is called Influence, in which author Robert Cialdini describes six elements of effective persuasion. read more (


1. Online banking start-up’s new simplified branding BankSimple, the alternative to traditional banking, has started inviting customers to sign up and has rebranded itself as ‘Simple‘, with a new logo
to represent the company and their philosophy. read more (

2. No branding: Australia’s new ‘plain’ cigarette packages No logos, no glossy paper, no colour variations. Just a solid brown background that’s mostly covered by images of disease and warnings of death. If that isn’t enough to turn you off then what will? read more (

3. When an engineering behemoth has a birthday… 50 years in business is no mean feat although compared to Johnnie Walker, 1820 and still going strong, they are mere babes. But they’ve been clients of ours for a long time, so here’s how we helped them celebrate. read more (

4. 20 awesome beer label designs I often wonder why alcoholic drinks tend to have the best label designs. To be honest, I have my idea about why beer, wine or whisky bottles get the coolest labels, but I’ll keep it for myself. read more (

5. Epic redesign of Hidrosalud Headquarters Offices Interior Designers Rafa Muñoz and Víctor Mollá of Cuartopensante Arquitectura Interior in Valencia, Spain have designed a futuristic and womb-like office space for Hidrosalud Headquarters Offices. read more (

Advertising and Marketing

1. IKEA places sofa in real-estate ads It’s not often that we gush about an idea but this one is just brilliant. Instead of using conventional media space, IKEA targeted people selling or renting out their homes and placed the sofa as a selling point in… read more (

2. Saatchi & Saatchi and Pump in new campaignSome people are saying this campaign has closed the door for good on Saatchi’s most recent failure for Telecom. Others say it’s rubbish. But you be the judge. Black man selling direct to camera? Sound familiar? read more (

3. United Colors of Benetton new ‘unhate’ campaign United Colors of Benetton has just unveiled its new ‘unhate’ advertising campaign, featuring images that show unlikely pairings of international religious and political leaders kissing each other. read more (

4. ATM offers free transactions in exchange for ads Sick of dodging ATMs because you get charged fees, well not you need not worry. These ATMs are free as long as you don’t mind an ad being played while you wait and a branded receipt being shot out at you. read more (

5. SapientNitro unveils wretched self-promo video, then it gets worse Social Media/Marketing catastrophe of the week: as if you didn’t need any convincing that geeks shouldn’t do self promotion then check out this hilariously bad music video on Facebook – oh it gets worse… read more (


1. Augmented Reality app lets you see through clothes
Outerwear retailer Moosejaw has released an augmented reality app for that lets users see through the clothing featured in its winter catalog. Male and female models are shown stripped down to… read more (

2. Has NFC technology ‘arrived’? Not until it becomes a verb…
With more phones now able to employ NFC, has its time finally arrived?Last month, Google and American Eagle Outfitters held a “tapping spree” at the retailer’s store in New York’s Times Square. read more (

3. How you think you act when your drunk – vs reality
Here’s a clever wee add from a Danish bus company that offers a late-night service. Mouse over the video and you’ll see how you really may be acting while out on the turps. read more (

4. Augmented reality: entertain your customers Plenty of brands have seen the value of developing games to engage customers and reinforce product messages. The benefit is that your product can become an integral part of the game. For example… read more (

5. Game industry comes into its own The global gaming industry shows no signs of slowing down and Kiwi developers are getting their share of the pie – the local game development industry grew by a whopping 46 percent this year. read more (