Top 5 No. 17

Brand + Social = Social Brand
Turn your phone into a scanner
What you can learn from Etsy
How to build smarter cities
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1. Customers are Shaping Products and Experiences A Young and Rubicam study found that the percentage of brands that consumers considered trustworthy dropped from 52 percent to 22 percent over a decade. So how can brands fix this? Involve them in key decisions. read more (

2. How Brands Can Maintain Loyalty Among Fickle Digital Consumers Between 2006 and 2010, American brand loyalty has declined sharply. During that same time span, fewer consumers self-reported that “owning the best brand is important to me.” How can brands reverse this trend? read more (

3. Cancelling the brand: what has Qantas really grounded? Not only are they in big trouble internally, but due to their appalling attempt at social media they really will be pushing the proverbial up hill trying to fix this mess. read more (

4. Why you need to train your brand to be social Brands are like people. They are conceived, born, and become the responsibility of the brand manager and now that consumers have moved online it’s up to the these people to teach the brand how to be social. read more (

5. Four Methods Of Strategic Brand Building Building successful brands is not a one-size fits all activity. Brand building is both art and science, and the method of creating brand strategy is never the same for every brand. read more (


1. Dreaming of a Mobile Christmas The hottest thing on the smartphone front for retailers is location-based marketing. This year, they’ll take a more active strategy, trying to lure in shoppers who are within a couple of miles of their stores. read more (

2. iPhone app creates scanner in your pocket Kiwi smarts are at it again with a first of its kind mobile application that allows users to easily digitise collections of photos, letters or other documents and upload them to the internet. read more (

3. Mobile payments on the cards The war of the digital wallets is almost upon us. But don’t go throwing away your credit cards yet – we’re still a way off from being able to breeze in and out of supermarkets, clothing stores and… read more (

4. Microsoft: Our Vision Of The Future Here is the latest instalment in Microsoft’s ongoing “Future Vision” series of videos… This time, depicting how technology will increase productivity in your life. read more (

5. Yahoo Gives the iPad the Power to Understand TV A new iPad app from Yahoo can recognize any TV show by listening to the audio, which then serves up related Web content, e.g. news stories related to a news broadcast or play-by-play stats for a ballgame. read more (

Social Media

1. 10 Social Media Brands That Will Still Matter In 10 Years Given that Facebook is only seven years old, and many “social” companies have launched and vaporized in half that time, it’s a little absurd to try to predict which social media brands will still matter in a decade. read more (

2. 5 Ways to Humanize Your Company With Social Media We call this crazy thing we’re all addicted to social media for a reason: it’s about people. It’s about developing relationships. Keep reading to discover five tips to make your company more “human.” read more (

3. Coca-Cola readies social network for staff Coca-Cola is to introduce social media elements to its online staff engagement programme, one of several global brands looking to social networks to improve internal communications strategies. read more (

4. Creating social businesses is a question of cultureThe era of social business is here and it is becoming clear just how transformative it will be. But many are still asking, “What does social business really mean?” read more (

5. Are You Building a Social Brand or a Social Business? According to an annual IBM study, getting closer to customers is the overwhelming top priority for CEOs. And, social media is lauded as the great facilitator for engagement and renewed business… read more (

Marketing and Advertising

1. Amex to reward small business for advertising Don’t throw away your credit cards just yet people, because contactless payment is still a way off. However if you want to know what’s hot and what’s not then read on… read more (

2. Branded taxi cab serves as mobile market research lab Chicago-based Lab42 has turned to social networks as a more natural place to reach consumers, UK-based Hall & Partners have begun offering a service from within a branded taxi cab. read more (

3. What Etsy Can Teach You About Online Selling Online selling is oftentimes one of the biggest concerns that businesses have. Small businesses, in particular, need useful, time-savvy tips to improve a website and online sales process. read more (

4. Augmented Reality Pop-Up Stores Near Famous Landmarks For a few days during late October, British department store Debenhams launched an augmented reality pop up store service where shoppers can try on outfits near the UK’s tourist attractions. read more (

5. Marketing Execs Say Local is Critical to Success The internet may be the great global equalizer, but big brands are realising that consumers don’t want to be just another number, therefore are going local in order to make shopping more personal. read more (


1. Insights Into Building Smarter Cities – Infographic What needs to be done in terms of technology, environment, transportation, safety, businesses, buildings and resources in order to create a city that can be sustainable economically and environmentally… read more (

2. Singapore airport, students run fashion store as a ‘learning studio’ Singapore’s Changi airport, in collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic, has opened a retail store called SPELL, which is run by students to serve as an “off-campus real-word learning studio”. read more (

3. A Table That Hides Your Work, At The Press Of A Button As more people abandon stuffy office buildings to set up workplaces at home, the question of where our jobs stop and our private lives begin gets harder to answer. read more (

4. Libratone Speakers Want some fecking cool speakers that don’t look like speakers? These sleek Scandinavian designs will have people guessing where you hid your speakers! read more (

5. Kinect Effect = badass video Go into watching this clip from Microsoft about their product Kinect Effects I wasn’t inspired or moved. Having watched it – now I am. Check it out.
read more (