Top 5 No. 14

Need help standing out? Brand it!
H&M goes all eco friendly
Banks learn to love social media
London Museum engages with NFC
Whining over the new Wynyard Quarter

Check out our Top 5; the best links, articles, images, videos that we found online this week. 10 October 2011.

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1. Kmart Looks to Hook Teens on Looks with Original Web Series The way the web series is structured, each main character represents different clothing lines in the store, making it much easier for young consumers to find what they want. read more (

2. Is digital advertising killing high-end brands? When social media started growing, many of the luxury brands were loathe to participate. They felt is was cheaper, lower class advertising that was “open to the masses”, beneath them! read more (

3. Reese’s winning by sticking to its knittingYou’d expect Apple and Facebook to be on a list of fastest-growing brands. But would you expect such a list to include Hershey’s Reese’s — the peanut butter cups brand?? read more (

4. How can your business stand out? Brand it baby! Every organisation has a brand whether it thinks it has one or not. And that brand has a profound influence on the well-being and success of the organisation it represents. So why not use it? read more (

5. Private Brand Finds A Conscious at H&M After committing to the Greenpeace’s ‘Detox’ challenge, H&M emphasizes its eco-friendly materials. Each item in the collection is made with more sustainable materials, from organic cotton or linen to… read more (

Social Media

1. Consumers Go Online to Verify Product Recommendations Bullshit they do not! Oh yes they do, apparently 85% of consumers are more likely to purchase products when they can find online recommendations to support offline advice. More stats follow. read more (

2. The Six Layers of Customer Engagement I recently discussed the changing nature of how companies communicate with their customers. Social media engagement is just one of six digital layers between companies and their customers. read more (

3. Walmart and Facebook in joint venture to offer local adsTwo of world’s biggest corporations have launched a joint web-venture that will allow users to search store-specific promotions across Walmart’s 3,500+ US retail locations through a customizable Facebook app. read more (

4. Banks are learning to love social media Social networking may have started out as a light-hearted social experiment, but it has evolved into a full-blown sales and marketing platform for banks. Here are four Ways Social Media Is Transforming Banking. read more (

5. Wall St Protest Spurs Online Dialogue on InequityWhat began as a small group of protesters expressing their grievances about economic inequities last month has evolved into an online conversation that is spreading across the country on social media platforms. read more (


1. TESCO: Augmented Reality Print Ads Tesco is in the midst of a huge “Big Price Drop” campaign and one of the new elements they’ve rolled out is the use of Augmented Reality technology to bring their ads to life via iPhones, iPads and Android devices. read more (

2. iPhone 4S on track to be Apple’s fastest selling device EVER!Despite all the ‘disappointment, pre-sales of Apple’s iPhone 4S were spectacular. U.S, AT&T sold more than 200,000 iPhone 4S handsets in under 12 hours.
read more (

3. In London, museum visits enhanced with NFC technology Who would have thought tapping your phone on sensor tags would have been so rewarding? Shop vouchers, book tickets in advance, receive info about exhibits and more. read more (

4. Control your home as you roamMotorola and Verizon have team up for the Z-Wave monitoring service meaning you can dim your lights, remotely and spy on the kids while your out. read more (

5. iOS 5: Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade
Now that iOS 5 is available, scores of eager iOS users are busy downloading and updating their devices to the latest and greatest OS. We’re weighing in with ten of the best and most upgradeworthy features in iOS 5. read more (


1. Luxury Packaging 2011 – slideshare presentation Although we don’t need it, the culture of luxury is woven into our own sense of self expression – this presentation shows how luxury brands convince us we need them… read more (

2. Facebook completely overhaul Page Insights – full tour The changes are aimed at giving page owners as much information as possible about their fans, with the aim of optimising your page to keep fans there for longer, as well as… read more (

3. Is Museo the new comic sans?Many, many companies and designers have latched on to Museo, but when everyone uses it (Dell, Seamless, Nestio, and Livestream among others), it just seems, well, a little overused like Comic Sans. read more (

4. Wynyard’s winning ways wane under proposed Draft Auckland PlanProposed changes to Aucklands much lauded new quarter Wynyard Quarter has left a sour taste in the mouths of Auckland’s business association, Heart of the City. read more (

5. Is that a Human in your Tree, or are you just Happy to see me? Cigna is repositioning its business model to become a retailer and provide health insurance directly to individuals, while still providing their service to employers and organizations. read more (

Advertising and Marketing

1. Toshiba TV Ad Now Holds Guinness World Record Electronics giant Toshiba was able to gain a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the greatest number of cameras used in a composite film shot. read more (

2. Maori TV wins rugby ratings – te pai kē! Maori Television has officially topped the ratings stakes as the most watched free-to-air broadcaster for Rugby World Cup 2011, with its total cumulative audience rising to more than two million… read more (

3. Mexican retro sneaker brand relaunches with free shoe exchange Realizing the retro trend had hipsters out hunting for Panam trainers, the brand have taken to the most popular squares in states across Mexico to host “sneaker exchanges”. read more (

4. Johnnie Walker Awakens a Gentle Giant in Brazil With more than 300,000 YouTube views in five days, this Johnnie Walker spot from Brazil, via ad agency Neogama BBH, showing a rock giant rising from Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, is a solid viral hit. read more (

5. I think we need some time apart, it’s not me, it’s you When the consumer is no longer happy in the relationship, they will actively break off contact with the company…or just ignore their communications in the hopes the company will get the message that it’s over. But why? read more (