Top 5 No. 12

Snapr gets all snappy
mercedes is now angry
Grabone's weirdly grabby
and more iphone 5 rumours...

Check out our Top 5; the best links, articles, images, videos that we found online this week. 26 September 2011.

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1. Darling Brand Website
Simple sells. It’s beauty is in the simplicity. It’s more understated than even the Google search page. And that is pretty hard to beat for it’s simplicity. read more (

2. Overcoming Negative Brand Perceptions Brand perceptions are often created by the product/service experience than from marketing communication. Marketing communication is much more effective in building brand awareness than in creating… read more (

3. Reliant Lacks Energy The old logo looked like a frickin’ energy company, no questions asked. It was bold, energetic, and it looked corporate. All good things. The new one looks like a printing company with the CMYK icon… read more (

4. “Private Label: Don’t Fight It Thrive In It” Although the dust is settling from the global recession, demand for private label goods has remained strong. For a number of reasons, most experts agree private label is here to stay and should continue to grow. read more (

5. A job for brand experts or city councilors? For Brand Auckland it’s out with the old ‘frayed A’ logo and in with – well if councilor Cathy Casey has her way – a tired old logo and strap line dreamt up last century, City of Sails. read more (

Marketing and Advertising

1. Snapr fosters friendly competition, with photo-sharing game“Mobile photo sharing has really exploded in the last year and we hope our twist on it will appeal to a lot of people. People tend to take photos at their favorite spots so it’s fun to bring in the game aspect…” read more (

2. Mercedes Brand Gets Bent Out of ShapeWhat the heck is going on at Mercedes-Benz? The latest high-rotation US campaign from the elder statesman of auto luxury has opted for downright aggressive, almost violent, messaging and imagery. read more (

3. Hair Club: Restore It 3D Billboard
If hair loss is getting you down, well now there’s a new campaign that will either a) make you laugh or b) make you want to see these guys. Interactive advertising is so hot right now. read more (

4. IKEA: More Appliances Ad [Video]
Idea: to show IKEA has more appliances than ever. Here a man scaling new heights in his kitchen as he makes dinner for a lady friend. He climbs up and across the towering display of cabinets, drawers, cookers… read more (

5. GrabOne wins more fans with Gimme5 Leading daily deal site GrabOne has launched its first Faceboook app ‘Gimme5’ and it’s proving hugely popular. As well as being a highly addictive game to play, there’s the chance to win prizes. read more (


1. Google To Open London Startup CenterGoogle is to open a multimillion-pound “technology community centre” in London’s East End. The seven-floor building will act as a shared space for the growing cluster of internet companies based in the heart… read more (

2. Amazon Kindle Fire: First Impressions [VIDEO] Amazon just schooled the tablet market. The Fire, a $199, 7-inch color touch-screen tablet may be the first blockbuster Android tablet, though no one will care that it’s running the Android OS. read more (

3. iPhone 5: Here’s What It Might Look Like [PICS] Here’s a gallery that shows the top 10 attempts at predicting the future — some educated guesses based on leaks, others wild yet beautiful stabs in the dark, and still others just wishful thinking. The truth lays within. read more (

4. Groupon tries to solve its biggest problem with loyalty rewards Will rewards be enough for Groupon to overcome it’s biggest problem: User loyalty to the site trumping customer retention for local businesses? read more (

5. Infographic: State Of The Internet (Live Stats) The State of The Internet is the latest infographic from but this time, it comes with a difference. It’s live, interactive and is constantly calculating various internet and social statistics. read more (

Social Media

1. Facebook wants to be big among small businesses Next week, Facebook will unveil a plan to get small businesses hooked. The company plans to offer free $50 advertising credits for up to 200,000 small businesses. And Facebook will pay for the first $50. read more (

2. 6 Ways to Become Likeable With Social Media Ok ok so here’s an excerpt from a book about Social Media – however that shouldn’t stop you from wanting to note down 6 kick-ass techniques about how you can become likeable with Social Media. read more (

3. Facebook Cookies Track Users After They Sign Out Facebook has come into yet more scrutiny this week because it was declared that Facebook was tracking users after they signed out of Facebook. It was spotted by an Australian blogger… read more (

4. How to Get 50% More Impressions on Your Facebook Page The social web and social business is about publishing content that is designed to create interaction and engagement. Initial small engagement leads to deeper interactions with the ultimate action being a “sale”. read more (

5. Future of Social Media Monitoring with Radian6 Radian6 is one of the industry’s leading social media management platforms and I had an opportunity to sit down with Marcel LeBrun, SVP and GM of Salesforce Radian6. read more (


1. 5 Brands Pushing The Canned Beer TrendBeer companies in the US are turning to the humble can to provide drinkers with better beer and a differentiated experience. Here are 5 drinks brands pushing the beer can trend forward: read more (

2. LED lighting system for bicycle wheels to revolutionize safetyThe idea for Revolights came to inventor Kent Frankovich as he rode his bike in the dark, and wondered why the headlight — meant to illuminate the path he was cycling on — was so far away from the ground. read more (

3. Blues rock wedding invite I love seeing how gig posters and that style of artwork have trickled down into everything from packaging to personalized wedding invites. Erin Jang created these invitations for a blues-rock-loving couple. read more (

4. TinySpace This itty bitty design and vintage boutique in Auckland, has now opened and online shop too – stocking handmade and retro goodies. If you’d like to win a 10 pack of handmade collage cards… read more (

5. BP Tries To Build “Sustainable” Office For Rotterdam Refinery BP. The guys behind the largest accidental oil spill in history have built a building aiming to provide “a sustainable, safe and healthy working environment.” read more (