Top 5 No. 11

M&C Saatchi win something
Designing Infographics
Lynx makes rugby sexy (girls!)
Stretch your brand
and as ever heaps more!

Check out our Top 5; the best links, articles, images, videos that we found online this week. 19 September 2011.

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1. Brand StretchingDeciding how far to stretch a brand is a conundrum. The answer is not one-size-fits-all. Just because the Virgin brand stretches from music to airlines to bridal wear to cell phone service doesn’t mean yours should. read more (

2. BBH Rebrands British Airways in Grand New CampaignHere’s the lavish, poetic 90-second brand spot from BBH London that launches a big new British Airways ad campaign—its largest in 11 years. It will introduce a new tagline”To fly. To serve,” which is actually an old line. read more (

3. Kate Spade’s Got a Brand New BagA brand once best known for minimalist, angular handbags coveted by 40-year-old suburban moms today has a hipper take aimed at urban professionals between the ages of 26 and 36. read more (

4. Packaging: Elmika This project really struck me as a clever take on a vintage aesthetic that manages to unify the ideas of locality, tradition and quality with a confident and minimal style that appears as both familiar and contemporary. read more (

5. Brand every bit of your mix like Kulula air Thanks to Andy from Unilever for bringing this story to my attention. Its about Kulula, an airline based in Johannesburg. Its a good example of branding every bit of your mix to get “free marketing”. read more (

Social Media

1. How Foodspotting Will Reach Non-foodiesFoodspotting, a startup that wants users to share photos and recommendations of their favorite foods, just announced that its mobile applications have been downloaded 1 million times. read more (

2. Brit Gov Considers Blocking Twitter, Facebook To Prevent Riots Appalled by the rioting that swept across Britain earlier this week, the government wants to find out if censoring social media sites could help prevent them from happening again. Good luck on that one. read more

3. Why content should come before social media Brands need to strike a balance between search-, social- and content-based marketing strategies, but your content needs to bigger than your brand if it’s going to catch on. read more (

4. How Mattel used social media to build excitement Mattel’s Hot Wheels brand has a huge following of passionate, loyal fans. But Mattel had a challenge many classic brands face: keeping the conversation fresh for longtime enthusiasts while adding new ones. read more (

5. 4 social media case studies from the tourism industry Here we’re looking at social media and the travel and tourism industry, starting with a look at a selection of campaigns and destinations, and providing some key takeaways on how travel brands can use social media. read more (


1. Nokia’s FourSquare-enabled vending machine offers free smartphones Sure, it’s one thing to hit up the vending machine at work to get your Doritos fix, but free gifts? That’s exactly what Nokia’s doing at the Skypark in Glasgow for the city’s Social Media Week with the help of 1000heads. read more (

2. Prepare Yourselves: Facebook To Be Profoundly Changed Facebook’s goal is to become the social layer that supports, powers and connects every single piece of the web, no matter who or what it is or where it lives. On Thursday… read more (

3. Lots of iPhones being traded in – even before news of iPhone 5 Trade-in service Gazelle said it’s seen a huge increase in the number of iPhones it’s been receiving. The jump in iPhone trade-in activity comes just weeks before an expected announcement from Apple regarding… read more (

4. The 5 Best Custom-Made Clothing Sites Inc. Magazine has deemed home tailoring service Astor and Black the 42nd fastest growing retailer in the country. Astor and Black currently offers home and office consultations for custom-tailored… read more (

5. Lynx: Sexy Rugby Rules For World Cup Most of you would have heard about the “World Cup” on in New Zealand right now, but I suspect a large percentage of you, particularly people from the US, might not know all the rules of Rugby… read more (


1. 10 Tips for Designing Better Infographics If you’re at all interested in infographic design, read along as we take a look at some of our favorite examples and discuss some important do’s and don’ts for creating compelling and effective graphics. read more (

2. diy project: leather envelope phone case This DIY is super easy; the combination of basic materials and a printable template means even a novice crafter can produce this chic, simple phone case for themselves or as a gift in no time. read more (

3. A Collection of Beautifully Designed Logos We’ve selected a showcase of logos that they all look expertly designed and show off a bit of the brand personality too. We hope these designs can inspire your next logo design. read more (

4. London Design Festival Pop-Ups Pop-up shops are popping up all over London Design Festival; here are three of this year’s best pop-up shops: Design and architecture magazine have created Dezeen Space… read more (

5. KAVIART KAVIART is a small interior design firm based in Budapest, Hungary. Their main focus is exhibition and interior design. They came to us to get a fresh, straightforward visual identity. read more (


1. New Season Of Top Chef Will Include Digital Webisodes As well as the TV show, original digital content in the form of webisodes will be available on mobile, web and tablets. This wide-reaching promotional strategy is designed to drive viewers to engage and experiment. read more (

2. Beaumont bags big bank’s brand berth ASB has announced the addition of Roger Beaumont to its executive leadership team in the newly-created role of executive general manager, marketing and online. Hey Roger – we’ll be calling you soon! read more (

3. ‘Golden age of brand marketing is about to hit us’ Marketers have been urged to think big, challenge convention and be ready for a “golden age” of opportunities, by JWT’s chief executive Guy Hayward at today’s launch of Haymarket’s inaugural BrandMAX event. read more (

4. Reach Customers and Employees via Mobile Apps If you’re a small business owner with customers on the go, or employees that work in the field or remotely, you may want to provide them with a mobile app to connect with your business. read more (

5. M&C New Zealand print ad as his favourite ad Asked to name his favourite ad for the London Evening Standard, M&C Saatchi creative legend Jeremy Sinclair picks “the last one, I look at that,” beams Sinclair, “and I’m glad to be in advertising. read more (