Top 5 No. 10

Nike goes crazy for Mike J
All Blacks imposters abound
Kiwibank goes covert
and ahem.. heaps more!

Check out our Top 5; the best links, articles, images, videos that we found online this week. 12 September 2011.

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1. You want results? Time to start reinvesting in people A company is only as good as the sum of its parts. And by that, I don’t mean equity, technology or assets. I mean people. Invest in people, really invest in them, and your company will soar. read more (

2. Innovation: Growth Requirement For Brands
Innovate or die continues to be the mantra for business growth. Many great innovations are often borrowed from other ideas. Just because a product is new or novel does not necessarily make it… read more (

3. Mmm Warburtons’ Complete Package Rebrand The “second biggest grocery brand” in the UK. Warburtons’ new logo was introduced back in late 2010 but the complete brand rollout has taken most of 2011 to implement. read more (

4. Nike goes ‘Back For the Future’ Nike has launched a new campaign to raise funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, producing and auctioning off 1500 pairs of limited edition futuristic shoes in the name of Parkinsons research. read more (

5. Brand-stealing Brits in the Black On Saturday night (or Saturday morning for most of the world) many casual rugby observers (me included) could have been forgiven for thinking the All Blacks were playing another game in the world cup… read more (

Social Media

1. Should your company have a formal social media training program?
The data from this week’s poll question is at the same time both surprising and unsurprising. Formal training has always been something that some companies embrace and others ignore. read more (

2. The state of the media: Social Media Report Q3
There are some great figures in this report from Nielsen looking at social media’s growing popularity and how it connects people with just about everything they watch and buy. read more (

3. Performance Brand Marketing and Facebook Yesterday the Dachis Group announced the public launch of the Social Business Index. The Social Business Index is much more than what meets the eye at first glance… read more (

4. Infographic: The ROI of social media Return on Investment is a business metric and within social media, it’s become a contentious topic How do you determine whether increased efforts into social media are working? read more (

5. Choose Your B2B Social Media Words and Metrics Wisely Today’s shared B2B social media posts can show you some new ways of managing your online marketing to connect with your target audience, measure your success, run your social profiles more efficiently… read more (


1. Kiwibank ‘Green Ops’ campaign goes live! In keeping with its position as a challenger brand, Kiwibank, via agency Ogilvy NZ, is launching a cheeky new ‘bank switching’ initiative, which is less like a traditional ad campaign and more like a film launch. read more (

2. Sprint begins iPhone briefings Super stoked about possibly getting your hands on an iPhone? It seems as though you’re finally about to be in business early next month! read more (

3. Are you attracting the right type of Facebook fans? Back in June I wrote a blog highlighting our research showing that each new Facebook fan generates on average 20 additional visits to a retailer’s website. However, as every retailer knows, not all website visits… read more (

4. The Top 10 Prizes in Social Media Giveaways Whether it’s to increase brand recognition or simply build up a healthy stockpile of Facebook fans, some retailers go all in when it comes to their social media giveaways. read more (

5. Bus Advertising – Snapper Snapper has teamed with sister company iSite Media to create this eye catching bus signage. Love the concept but wonder how effective it would be when the bus… read more (

Advertising and Marketing

1. Ogilvy promotes Dave Nash to CD role Damon O’Leary, ECD of Ogilvy, has promoted Dave Nash to creative director, Nash, a Kiwi originally from Auckland, has worked on campaigns both digital and traditional throughout Australasia, UK, Asia… read more (

2. The Secret Behind Campbell’s How Campbell’s Soup Went From Stale to Innovative
…as former Campbell’s Soup Company CEO Doug Conant brought the brand back by encouraging every possibility. read more (

3. How Jason Solarek Created The Facebook Of Retail Building an e-commerce site is more efficient, cheaper and greener than constructing a brick and mortar shop. And it can certainly be lucrative—if you know how to do it in the right way. read more (

4. Evian’s Interactive Ads Transforms Audience Into Dancing Babies French water brand, evian, brings its ‘Live Young’ campaign to a new level with a series of interactive bus shelter advertisements, co-created with design firm – JCDecaux. read more (

5. City guides for travelers customized with tips from local ‘soulmates’ Nectar Pulse is a new Austrian firm that creates personal city guides by helping travelers zero in on the suggestions of locals with similar preferences. read more (


1. Gadgets Of Yesteryear Recreated Entirely In Paper What better way to pay tribute to the forefathers of electronic gadgetry than by recreating them as art? And that’s exactly what the graphic designers from Zim and Zhou did in their project entitled, ‘Back to Basics.’ read more (

2. AGM gets internal with launch of new design magazine The magazine targets design professionals and focuses on interior architecture and design across office, workplace, corporate, retail, hospitality, education, public and other interior commercial environments. read more (

3. IKEA’s Mänland offers a ‘play space’ for weary husbands Now, recognizing that many men dislike shopping just as much as kids do, an Australian IKEA store recently tested out the idea of having a similar “play space” for weary husbands and boyfriends. read more (

4. The Best Online Portfolio Service: Three Free Options Compared Rather than give you another roundup of twenty of these services and force you to do the research yourself, I’ve gone through and picked three of my favorites for comparison. read more (

5. 29 Things that All Young Designers Need to Know To help you make the shift from design student to design professional easier Doug Bartow, principal of id29, and his colleagues put together this article.
read more (