Graphic Design

A 50th birthday knees up for Macdow. Are they green with envy? Do they support the Green Party? Are they greenhorns? None of the above. Green has been their colour for 50 years.

What do you call a company that, remains true to itself, takes the knocks and gets on with it, never loses sight of where it comes from and always wants to
be better?

Built to last.

And what do you call a company that’s built to last?

McConnell Dowell.

50 years in business is no mean feat although compared to Johnnie Walker,
1820 and still going strong, they are mere babes.

Here’s how we helped them celebrate.

The McConnell Dowell Birthday Cake

corporate birthday invitations

The invites were french folded and machine sewn down the spine

interior of Auckland War Memorial Museum

The Auckland event was held at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.
One was also held
in Christchurch

desk with invitation cards and digital screens

Will they all turn up?

Jim Dowell being interviewed by Carol Hirschfeld and John Campbell

Jim Dowell, one of
the founders, being interviewed by
Carol and John

party guests viewing timeline of events

There were two graphic displays. The first told a story...

McConnell Dowell history timeline 1

...and the second, the company's development across the decades

McConnell Dowell history timeline 2

Timeline featured multi-layered information

green gift boxes

Guests were given gift boxes. Displayed together they formed a striking graphic pattern

green gift box with piece of cake

Gift boxes contained a piece of cake and when opened formed
a handy plate

A7 booklet

An A7 12 pager, adhered to the top of the gift box, told the MacDow story

History of McConnell Dowell presentation

Inside booklet – bold typographic statements