What did this ad do, that made me rewind to watch it?

02 July 2015
What did this ad do, that made me rewind to watch it?
Last Sunday night something remarkable happened.

The wife and I were watching Simon Barnett clean up on Dancing With the Stars and naturally we were fast forwarding through the ads when one of them caught our interest and we actually rewound to watch it. Crazy right?

What made us do it? Maybe it was the tagline, “Just like you. Only better”, provocation is a proven method of getting attention. After viewing the ad a couple of times, we couldn’t let it go. Were they selling a fancy new iron, colour contact lenses, a mail order robotic nanny?

We were captivated so off to the website we went – on our tablet no less.

Holy crap, we can get a robot nanny! This is A. Mazing, where can we buy one? Then we saw the #buyarobot and TV3’s logo and knew we’d been duped.

Shame on TV3. They had us in the palm of their digitally-enabled hands. They weren’t selling an iron or contact lenses; it was a new TV series.

So, what was this new TV series all about? We kept exploring but soon came to a dead end.

The show premiers on 26th July and there’s nothing on Facebook, the TV3 website has no mention of it and the total number of tweets using the hashtag can be counted on two digits.

This TV series is being shown globally and in other markets it’s being promoted with a lot more fanfare than a ‘TV ad’ – there’s even a UK eBay store for the show.

Why TV3 has managed to ignore most of the creative assets that were available to promote the show properly escapes us?

Disappointing. I give this production 1 star.