Sonny Bill Williams on Branding

23 November 2015
Sonny Bill Williams on Branding
Brands should play to their strengths. And when the market speaks they should answer. Which is why I’m so big on brand extensions.

Successful brands stay true to their core values. They help guide behaviour, inform key messages and create a defendable market position. And along the way brand awareness, trust and loyalty is built. Simple enough really.

However, trust can be sorely tested when behaviour is at odds with values or messaging is blurry at best. And if the brand over promises and under delivers things can only get worse.

Image is damaged, perceptions change for the worst and a brand that was in favour can find itself losing the support of key stakeholders.

Is the situation retrievable? Well it depends on a number of factors. Have the expectations of the market changed? Has there been a move away from niche providers to more versatile offerings? Are shareholders after higher returns? Is the competition stronger than you?

If the answer to each of these questions is yes it may be time to exit the market.