Murray Mexted: the ultimate soundbite

23 November 2015
Murray Mexted: the ultimate soundbite
In light of the Telecom Abstain marketing campaign being bullied into submission we thought Murray Mexted would be the perfect brand ambassador - here's why...

A few of us in the studio checked out Telecom’s ‘Abstain For The Game’ video featuring former All Black captain Sean Fitzpatrick and while he did an admirable job, we feel Murray Mexted (The Mex) would have been the perfect foil for this particular marketing campaign.

The fatal flaw in Telecom’s marketing strategy was that no one really likes the Telecom brand, well not like people like 2degrees or Hells Pizza (although their brand love has dipped dramatically in light of the donation reneg).

Over the years The Mex has served us up a veritable feast of soundbites; with what most people thought were doors slamming they soon realised it was jaws hitting the ground as The Mex let rip with another Mexism.

Here are a few of our favs:

“I just Love it when Mehrtens comes on the inside of Marshall”
“As you know, I’ve been pumping Marty Leslie for a couple of years now.”[2]
“You don’t like to see hookers going down on players like that.”[3]
A Sky TV producer was conducting a sound test before the last Springbok test at Carisbrook. “Murray can you hear me?….Murray can you hear me?” Murray: “No.”[2]
“Paul Tito looked like a blind man in a brothel, just left groping.”[2]
“The lineouts of course are a great artform, I’ve always fantisised about lineouts, even in my sleep sometimes…”[2]
“Well it was a great kick. We know Matthew Cooper’s got tremendous rhythm now, he’s smooth, smooth as a baby’s bum… By Joves, that didn’t slip out did it?”[2]
“It’s very easy to be exposed as an open side (flanker) if you don’t have your mate up your backside”[2]
“Well it still does it for me, the tingle up the spine, the tingle in the loins”[2]
”Isn’t that an interesting scene, the two coaches, Nick Mallett and John Hart. By Joves times have changed haven’t they. In the old days they’d be punching each other in that position.” – (The two former coaches of the respective South African and New Zea